Saturday, 5 December 2015

Windy or Wot!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma here!

Well, wot a day! Down here in the South East of the UK we got blown about a bit.

We got walked in the early hours of the morning by The Missus who wanted to get up the Village Hall early so she could set up all the tables ready for her Master Class. I mean, there was Holly and me having to wee in the dark!

Old Two Legs and the ferrets got left behind in bed and they missed out on the early morning run!

Miss May wasn't too happy about that and she did some 'Door Rattling' just to make sure we all knew she was not a Happy Ferret!

I Want Out of Here and I Want Walkies!
 Miss April wasn't too worried 'cos she reckons that with the wind it would be too cold, so she was quite happy to go back to bed!

Fred said that he missed the walk but was happy to go on a rampage about the house and investigate some of the Nooks & Crannies he hadn't explored yet!

Now, can I eat this?
Of course, Wilma went off hunting food but couldn't find any!

You see, with this diet that Holly Dog has got herself into means that the normal bowl of 'Nibbly Biscuits' had been taken up and all there was left was the bowl full of water!

Have we run out of food?
OTL was playing about with a camera that had video capabilities and shot this of me in the office.

Not exactly an Oscar Winning Short, but at least it works!

I'll be interested to see how it comes out on an iPlod Thingy Wossit!

So, we spent most of the day sleeping and OTL has been working on Poo Pots. You see, he has been reading up on Ferrets & Poo Pots and it is reckoned that ferrets don't like poo pots with high sides they have to climb over. So, OTL has been 're-engineering' a couple of plastic trays. One tray worked out well but he split the edge on the second one and had to 'weld' the plastic back together again using the bit he had chopped off and a gas soldering iron with the tip taken off.

Now, it was going well right up to the point where he got over excited with the gas jet and melted a bit of plastic onto his finger, just above his nail!

You should have heard him! 'Oh Golly Gosh' he said, or something like that! A quick douse under the cold tap soon hardened the plastic up and with the help of a small screw driver, he managed to peel the plastic off before it embedded itself into his skin!

Wot a Plonker!

Well, the trays are in place now and we will see what tomorrow morning brings, neat poos in the tray, in line or a cage floor trying to look like a pooy quagmire and the Poo Pot untouched!

We are not allowed any nibbles, so TM has been feeding us carrots, you know I'm sure that you can over dose on carrot, a woofer can have too much pectin you know!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.