Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hill Top Fun

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly back to see you again,

We are getting used to this missing hour, we even went to bed an hour earlier last night, mind you, Old Two Legs turning the TV and the lights off helped!

We were up good and early this morning, a couple of wet tongues in OTL's ears is an amazing wake up call! He make a sort of 'Arrgh' sound followed by a whimper as he tries to bury his head under the blanket, no chance! We follow him under the blanket and he goes so far down he falls out the bottom of the bed!

By then The Missus is awake and complaining that the bed clothes are being pulled off the bed and she wasn't ready to wake up yet. Oh Yeah? With a couple of puppies heading her way she soon changes her mind!

Works every time!

We went out with OTL delivering some stuff and then headed up to the top of the hill. We had been there once before but it was wet and muddy then, but now, it was dry and full of rabbit poo! (OK for a small chew).

Nibble some rabbit poo anyone?
 We had fun trying to run with one ear in the air but it was too difficult to do it all the time!
My right ear up!
Holly doing it as well!

We found one place that OTL said looked like the rabbit hole in 'Alice in Wonderland.

Well, we looked at what he was talking about and reckoned the rabbit must have been at least ten feet tall!

Scary Rabbit Holes!

Enough of rabbits that size and OTL messing about with the picture, if you look at it too long your brain hurts!

 We had fun running up and down the hill and at one time I got lost, so Holly woofed a couple of times to let me know where she was.

Come on Daisy!
 I must really start to use my nose to find out where OTL has wandered off to!

We are going to bed early tonight 'cos tomorrow we are going out with OTL on one of his jobs, so we have got to look after his tools!

Yeh, Guard Dogs R Us!

Bye bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly