Sunday, 13 November 2011

F1 Fun & OTL's Fungi

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you again!

We had a bit of a scare last night, someone in the village was letting of the Pop Bangs early in the evening. That was not good for me but even worse for Holly, she had to spend some time cuddled up to Old Two Legs, which she doesn't mind, but it was difficult for him to move in his chair 'cos she was cuddled up really close!

As the evening went on she stopped shivering and settled down to mullering a new chew, she said it was 'comfort chewing'! !

Both Holly and me have picked up a tummy bug, so we were busy waking OTL and The Missus all through the night, just when we urgently wanted to go out, I think it was six times, a record for us!

When we finally woke up this morning, OTL took us down to the Sea Wall, he was looking for that 'Stink Horn' look alike and we were looking for the rabbits again!

We charged up and down the Sand Hills and Holly even started to dig a big hole, just like we do when we're on holiday!

Up the Hill!
Then Holly and me played a game of 'Castles' and this time we were fighting off pirates who were trying to capture the castle!

Standing Guard against Pirates!
While we were fighting the pirates, OTL was on his knees photographing fungi, first he found the one he saw yesterday and didn't know what it was, well, we can now say that it belongs to the 'Ink Cap' family, but he still doesn't know its name!

Ink Cap type of Fungi
You can see the earth grains that we had on this yesterday, have a look at yesterdays photo. They were still there today!

Dirty Ink Cap!
 We got a bit fed up with OTL photographing fungi and told him we want more pictures of us, 'cos this is our blog and we are 'In Charge!'

So first of all, we were thinking of a more up to date photo for the blog, so how about this?

Daisy, Holly and OTL
Then, without asking I see that OTL has sneaked another mushroom into the blog! I think I will have a word with him!

Only an inch diameter but it looked pretty!
The F1 racing was great, Hamilton first and Jenson came in third. We sat there and were pretending to drive the cars, brrmm Brmmmm!

Holly did say that we would have to get the peddles adjusted for us but I reckon we could give Lewis a run for his money!

So, another fun Sunday and just for a change, the sun has been shining, even if the wind was picking up later in the afternoon.

It won't be long before the cold weather is with us and OTL will be taking photos of us in the snow!

Better still, we will be able to say 'Hello' again to the Snow Fairy!

Now that would be good for Christmas!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly