Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Miss Snowflake has a Tinkle on a Grey Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Now, first of all, for the benefit of Mr Peterc who has shown amazement that the ferrets didn't get first dibs at Old Two Legs new boots.

Have you no faith in the inquisitiveness of ferrets?

OK Watssis Hole? Sniffs Really Rubbery!
And this is before OTL picked up the packing material inside the box!

We played a joke on Miss Snowflake this morning when we were on the beach. You see, she had sneaked off for a wee and couldn't find her favourite rock, so, she sort of hung onto some sea weed and swung her but over the edge!

Then she said that she could hear water tinkling like a tap had been left on and who was doing it and would they turn the tap off!

Wossat Tinkling Sound?
 Well, we all sussed what it was straight away but we kept straight faces and said we couldn't hear a thing!

No, no tinkling sound here!
Of course, as soon as she had finished, the tinkling finished! Then she spent the next ten minutes searching for the source of the Tinkle!

I bet it is that Slimy Thing doing it!
Of course, we just had to move up the beach 'cos we were all laughing our tails off!

What a Bozo she is sometimes!

Back home it was Chicken and Biscuits followed by a snooze while OTL and The Missus was clearing the lounge of stuff ready for the plasterer to arrive tomorrow to repair the ceiling, prior to the decorator coming to redecorate the lounge. There will be loads of mess everywhere but TM is sneaking off to a 'Weekend Retreat' of Glue & Glitter sloshing but this time she is doing the demonstrating!

We are going to have some fun while she is away!

Lunchtime arrived and off we went down the beach again, it was cold, grey and damp and OTL didn't wear his boots today!

When we got down to the car park there was an enormous CamperTruck parked up!

Now I know it can get a bit muddy sometimes down on the Sea Wall but that was over doing it a bit!

That says 'We Do Deep Puddles'!
The tide was in and had washed some of the stones right up the beach leaving some old canvas bags full of sand. Holly reckoned it would be a good idea for us to take a couple home with us but OTL said there was not enough room for the sacks and us!

Well, we didn't fancy walking home, so the bags stayed!

Can we take them home?
 Looking across the river we couldn't see Sheerness! You could tell it was a Really Grey Day'!

Is there anyone there?
 Back at the car park, the CamperTruck was still there and you know what? It even had a a winch on the front and it looks like it was mechanically powered from the engine rather than an electric motor! Serious stuff or wot?

Light Weight CamperTruck!
 OTL was looking at it and reckons it would be great for some 'Wild Camping' in Scotland! But in North Kent?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.