Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Scary Night Tonight!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

You know, Old Two Legs promised we could go down The Forest today but it rained, so we didn't go! Mind you, we don't really mind 'cos if there's one thing we don't like is a wet tummy and soggy paws and rain under your collar!

You could see what the day was going to be like when we went out first thing this morning.

Early Morning Rain!
 We had a sniff around but there wasn't any really new sniffs and Holly said that she was looking forward to getting back home 'cos she caught the sniff of Lambs Heart being cooked before we left home!

So, a quick run around and off for breakfast!

Of course, after finishing off our bowl full of yummy Lambs Heart the next best thing is to sleep it off in our day beds!

As we weren't going hunting squirrel Holly suggested we keep fit and healthy by having running races along the Sea Wall. Now, as you know, I am very good at running and I always manage to beat Holly providing she doesn't shoulder charge me off the Sea Wall Path!

So, I was feeling quite confident of calling her a Looser!

Well, we were sniffing along at lunch time when Holly said we should race and to get ready.

We lined up at the corner railings and Holly said I should do the count down.




Can you sniff that?'


Chicken Fillet!

You Joking?



Was that 'Go?'

And off she went while I stood there with my nose in the air looking for the sniff!

It was only after a couple of sniffs that I realised what she was up to and set off in hot pursuit of a rapidly receding tail!

I'm Winning!
 Holly, when she is being sneaky can get a good lick on and today was one of those times. She shot down the Sea Wall and was laughing her nose off at the same time!

Well, in the end she crossed the line and won by just a paws length!

I could see that she wasn't going to let me forget this in a  hurry!

Holly by a Paw!
Of course, all the way around and up on the hill all I could hear was  'Loooser!'  'Loooser!'  'Loooser!'

'Loooser!' 'Loooser!'
 It was getting too much, what was worse, OTL was laughing his head off at my discomfort, I mean, me, loosing a race with Holly!

 I can see I will have to pinch her carrot tonight, just to show her who's in charge!

Before I started hunting  for her carrot, there was a knock at the door and some strange looking young Two Legs stood there going 'Trick or Treat'...... Wot?

Well OTL said Happy Halloween and handed him some sweets and off he went. This happened several time with varying stages of success, there were some who hadn't got dressed up and looked like they normally look. OTL says it shows a lack of effort, but they got a sweet all the same!

After Halloween comes Bonfire Night and those nasty Whizz Bangs that Holly hates. OTL has said that he may take us out for a ride in the car while all that's going on, that should be fun!

At least we won't need to dress up for it!

Bye bye for now, we're off to scare The Missus!


Daisy & Holly (Scary Hounds of The Night! Whoooooo!)