Friday, 7 September 2018

One Over on OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret here again!

We can not say that today has been the most exciting day we have ever had but as far as a Friday goes, it's been quiet!

Old Two Legs didn't bother with the camera to day, mainly because he has had an arm full of Ferrets and two naughty woofers to manage!

Today Eric persuaded Miss May to come out for a morning walk but although she came out, she didn't do much walking, in fact she spent most of the time on the ground waiting for OTL to pick her up!

However, it was a breath of fresh air for her and of course there were the airborne sniffs to enjoy!

After yesterdays escape, as soon as we got anywhere near the sea, I was put on a lead!

Not fair!

Lunchtime was fun, Wendy and Monty came out and today they both insisted on climbing into the ferret bag and curling up right at the very bottom.

We were getting close to the Sea Shore when we spotted a couple of Female Two Legs pushing mobile chairs with Very Mini Two Legs strapped in!

'Excuse me' says one of these TL's, 'Have you seen a man with some ferrets?'

OTL was in a funny mood cos he says, 'Wot are Ferrets?'

These two TL's then went into 'Dopy Mode' trying to explain wot a ferret looks like.

Holly and I both sat down to watch this cos we reckon was going to play a joke on these two.

Well, the descriptions were an absolute hoot.

A ferret is a long smelly thing with teeth.

Yeah, we have seen snakes like that, try again.

A ferret looks like a cat but rolled up in a sausage.

Best thing for a cat and maybe a drop of brown sauce as well?

A Ferret looks like a hairy rat, but longer!

Wot you got against rats?

A Ferret goes down rabbit holes.

So does a rabbit!

Holly and I were almost exploding with suppressed laughter and thankfully it was then that OTL shoved his hand into the ferret bag and brought out Monty.

Does a ferret look like this he says?

Ooooh! squeaked the TL's, that's a ferret!

'Aha!' says OTL, 'In that case I got another one' and with that he pulls out Wendy!

By then Holly and I were rolling around on the floor laughing our tails off!

Next came the normal conversation, you know, 'Do they Bite, Smell, Kill, Rip your fingers off, how long do they live and wot do you feed them on?

One day OTL is going to say 'Baby TL's!'

Back home there was a bowl of chicken waiting for us and after a snooze I decided I fancied a walk. Now normally the afternoon is left for OTL to get on with his work but seeing as it is Friday I decided we could have some fun and get another walk over the fields!

So, when there was a break in paper filing and computer plonking I jumped up onto OTL's lap and cuddled up to him. There was no way  he was going to be able to work, so, he puts down the paper and puts the computer on 'pause' while we have a cuddle.

Then I start whimpering ever so slightly, just enough so that OTL asks what I want.


I jump down and run to the office door and do my 'IwannaweeandapooratherquicklyorelsIwillcopytheferretsanddoitonthekitchenfloor' act.

That was it, OTL knows that message and off we go.

I did a couple of wee's and so did Holly, but to be honest, I've done more down the back of the garden before going to bed!

It's nice to get one over on the old duffer!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!