Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I almost go swimming!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

It has been a wonderful day today, sun shine, long walks, rabbit hunting and a swim, almost!

We started off this morning thinking that Snowflake would stay in bed while we went off to The Sea Wall but just as we were about to leave, she decided she would come with us 'cos the rain cloud looked like it was being blown away across to Essex, (a good place for it to go!)

When we got down there, Snowflake decided to do her normal trick of going the wrong way! I got fed up waiting and shot off to find some rabbits, Holly decided that rabbits were more fun than ferrets and ran after me and we both got put on the lead when Old Two Legs caught up with us both!

Snowflake said that the rabbit holes were not really that interesting 'cos there were no rabbits in them.

So off we went and Snowflake decided that she would rather be back in her cage, so OTL took her back and we went for another stroll along the Sea Wall but we were kept away from the rabbit holes!

Back home it was a brush then we had to have our anti flea stuff on our backs but we did get some freshly cooked chicken and biscuits!

Off for a snooze until lunch time when OTL needed to go out to do some deliveries and on the way back, we stopped off at The New Park!

Well, the first thing I did, after a wee, was to find some really smelly stuff to have a roll in!

This is the Life!
 Holly thought it was a big laugh and kept on calling out that I was 'In Trouble', especially when she shouted out that OTL was on his way over to me!

You're in Trouble now!
I didn't mind 'cos I knew we were going to pass the Swimming Hole and I would at least get my paws wet!

When we got there I dived in and had a splash about and said 'Hello' to the gang!

Hanging out with 'The Lads'
Then I fell off the ledge and got wet all over! That sorted out the sniff on my back!

OK, Now I'm wet all over!
I managed to get back on dry land again and had a good shake that managed to get some water all over OTL!

Getting the water out of my ears!
Holly was sitting on the bench and kept on calling me a Bozo! She reckons that anyone who goes in swimming has just got to be a Bozo of the first order!

Daisy, You really are a Bozo!
We had a run around the 'Orchard' which is a two mile trip and of course, OTL was looking out for the birds who were singing away. The one below is called a Meadow Pipit!

Tweet, Tweet?
 We were both worn out by the time we got back to the car and of course, we did enjoy a very long slurp of water that OTL had brought with us, even he had a slurp as well but not from our bowl but the bottle!

OK, that's enough, take us Home!
After the slurp we headed back home for a good evening snooze before going to bed proper like!

A perfect end to another perfect day!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!