Friday, 15 May 2015

Hunting Druids and other stuff!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a fun day today!

When we got up this morning the sun was already shining, so we knew it was going to be a super day!

Old Two Legs, The Ferrets, Holly and Me were straight down the beach for our morning 'Rampage'!

Well, the first thing was saw was a Scotty Dog who came bounding over to us, woofing his tail off!

Then, as he got closer, he saw the ferrets.

'Well, Smack my butt and hand me back to my Mother! What the devil are they!'

What are They?
 Miss Snowflake turned around and told him that 'They' were ferrets!

'Stripe me Pink! It talks as well!' he said. By then both Holly and I had got a lot closer and were standing either side of OTL.

I told him that 'The Ferrets' were Our Family and Adopted Woofers and did he have a problem with that?

'Me? No, of course not and by the way, what do they taste like?'

Holly got a bit fed up with all of this and did one of her 'Deep Throat Grumbles' that tells everyone she is getting angry!

It was then that his Two Legs arrived and he was put on a lead and led away!

We headed for the rocks and the ferrets went off rock climbing!

Miss Snowflake in fine form!
While Snowflake seems to be a 'Natural' on rocks, I'm afraid that Brambles sometimes looses his way and were it not for the rope and harness he's wearing he could have come a cropper!

Rat Tails! I think I'm about to fall off again!
After a while we ran along the sand and Holly and I were 'Tracking' the ferrets!

A Ferret Passed This Way!
Then we spotted something we hadn't seen before, it was a whacking great 'Nelly Fish', I mean a Gigantic Nelly Fish!

OTL told us to 'Stay Clear' 'cos we don't know if it had any stinging tentacles!

King Size Nelly Fish!
Back at the caravan we put the ferrets in their cage in the awning and before we knew what was happening, The Missus told us to 'Clear Off!'

So we did!

First stop was the beach next to us, loads of sand and rocks and pools!

Holly pretended to be a Nelly Fish and chased me all along the beach!

I'm a Nelly Fish!
Once we had finished there, we had a rest in the car while OTL was looking at the map. 'What about St Govans Head?'


It's a church in a funny place.

Whatever turns you on!

Off we went'

Now, to get to this place we had to drive across an army gunnery range which was a bit scary 'cos we didn't want to be shot at!

OTL said they only shoot when the red flags are flying, which is a good sign 'cos we didn't see any flags at all!

After a bit, we found the place where this church thing is and it was so small!

I reckon that any more than six Two Legs and it would have been full!

It was down some steep steps and we walked through the place with only nine steps!

St Govans Church!
Out the back was a little building that OTL said could have been a well or spring.

Holly said it looked more like a Dog House or maybe a Ferret House!

A Ferret House or Dog House?
 OTL told us to stay put while he went off to photograph the sea crashing in waves over the rocks.

Too right we were staying, there was no way we were climbing down there with him!

He's a long way down!
On the way back we stopped off at another beach for a little run and while we were there a load of noisy sea gulls were shouting and hollering at us to 'Clear Off', how very rude!

Wouldn't be so bad if we could understand them!
 So, after we had been out all day, we didn't see any Druids anywhere. A bit disappointing really but we still had a great time.

We are up early tomorrow 'cos we have a two hour trip to take TM to her 'Master Class' in Pontypridd then we are off into the Welsh Valleys to listen out for Singing Miners and look for the sheep who can only go around the mountain clockwise on account of their legs being shorter on one side!

Well, that's what OTL says!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.