Sunday, 1 March 2015

St David's Day!

Shwmae Woofers!

Happy St David's Day!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

We thought we would show off with our knowledge of the Welsh language seeing as we are heading down to South West Wales for our next holiday!

We know that 'I need to go for a walk' is 'dw i angen i fynd am dro!', That is a very important phrase!

There are many others, like, 'Not Doggy Scoff Again' or 'Wake up OTL!' but we are working on them!

Now, today, Sunday, it was sunny down on the Sea Front. While Old Two Legs was getting the ferrets sorted out we went for our normal sniff around the rubbish that has been left by the Two Legs, nothing terribly interesting!

Just the normal rubbish!
We met up with Barney 2, he's a Doodle Dog who gets so excited when he sees OTL and of course, because he gets like that he is never let off the lead!

Poor lad, he has got learn a bit of restraint or he'll never get let off the lead!

Bye Bye Barney!
It was getting near to High Tide, in about an hour it will be all the way in. All OTL needed was a bit of Dramatic Cloud and he would be a Happy Puppy, but it was an almost clear blue sky!

Maybe he should have fitted the Red Filter!

All we need is a few clouds!
Mr Bramble went off exploring amongst the sea weed and was having fun until he realised that the sea was coming in and he was going to get stuck on the rocks!

Gissa Lift OTL?
Back home we all had a game of 'Chase' around the house and the ferrets were doing what they normally do, Rampaging!

Of course, after a while we all find a place to snooze. Snowflake got under the baskets in The Missus's store room and fell asleep there until OTL managed to wake her up by squeezing her squeaky toy!

After a snooze it suddenly was Lunchtime, just in time for a walk!

We headed back to the Sea Wall 'cos at the weekend there are loads of  TL's down there playing on the beach and Holly and I just love to watch them!

There were a few TL's today and some woofers as well!

The first lot, dog walking and taking photos!
 Then when we got to the number nine steps, there were some more TL's and a noisy little woofer!

Do you Have to make So Much Noise?
 Holly and I got onto our favourite bit of the beach and dug a whopping big hole while OTL had a chat to a TL.

Of course, we just had to have a rest afterwards!

That was one big hole!
 Heading back to the car we came across a Bozo Labrador flaked out on the ground by the bench and seat. You know what? He didn't even get up for a sniff when we walked past!

Look, a Bozo!
We decided that he had been doing too much running about and was too tired to even say 'Hello'!

Unlike a little Jack Russel type who we had met before. He woofed and sniffed and woofed again then we all had a chat about sniffs on the path. We pointed out a couple of sniffs worth investigating up by the Poo Bin, then we were off to the car park.

.....and just behind the bin by the Fish & Chip Box.........
 Back home we had some Lambs Heart and finished it off with a snooze, well Holly was snoozing while I was playing on the computer researching some more Welsh phrases that may come in useful when we are away on holiday!

So, bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.