Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pole Position for Holly?

HI Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again.

We were tired little puppies last night, I went to bed around half past eight and settled down to a nibble of Holly's chew that I had sneaked from under the mattress where she hid it!

Holly didn't come up until about ten, but she falls asleep on Old Two Legs chair cuddling his leg with her chin!

OTL took the chew away again and put it on the chest of drawers again but that didn't stop me this morning. I worked out that if I jump onto the bed , I can reach up by standing on my back legs, and get the chew!

Yo Ho, happiness is a gnawed chew!

Except when Holly takes it back!

After our morning walk across the fields we settled down to watch the F1 qualifying rounds and share the new rawhide roll The Missus got for us.

Holly was cheering for Lewis Hamilton and I was shouting for Jenson Button.

What happened?

Lewis was third on the grid and Jenson number six!

We shall have to wait until tomorrow for the race and see who wins!

OTL took us down to the Sea Wall again and as we were walking back we saw an old boat go past, OTL said it was a sort of paddle steamer but he was not too sure 'cos there was no white foam where the paddles should be.

Old Steamer
Still, it made a change from container ships and gas containers that go up and down the river.

I spotted a rabbit and chased after it, OTL had set his camera so it looked like I was travelling at the speed of light, which I wasn't, it just seemed like it!

I'm Flying!
Y'know, we've almost finished off the super chew from Auntie Karen (cat person), so we will have to have a chat with The Missus next time she does her shopping!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy (Button) & Holly (Hamilton)