Thursday, 30 January 2014

OLT's in tears again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles here!

Well, another day of fun and excitement!

Yesterday evening, Old Two Legs was clearing out the cages and ended up with Snowflake and Mr Brambles running around the office floor creating mayhem, as usual! Miss Twinkle was put into Snowy Heights so she could have a 'Sniff' of her future living quarters, if all goes well!

Now, Snowy Heights has two floor levels and a door in both levels, the top door was locked after Miss Twinkle was placed in there but OTL forgot to shut the bottom door.

Miss Snowflake spotted this mistake and as Miss Twinkle descended from the upper floor, she was met by Miss Snowflake who had come back in for a wee.

Well, first there was 'Sniffing', then Miss Twinkle did a quick snap at Miss Snowflake and Miss Snowflake took exception and the pair ended up in a 'Ferret Ball' on the floor with a couple of bits of fur flying in the air before OTL managed to separate them!

So much for the 'First Encounter' but as OTL says, as long as there is no blood, or fear pooing then they will have to sort out the hierarchy themselves!

Next time I think the office floor may be the best 'Sparring Ground', at least OTL will be able to get to them if there is any squealing!

Wake me when it's 'Round Two'!
This morning it was raining again and down on the Sea Wall we reckon there is just as much water on the paths as there is in the sea!

The ferrets stayed at home, we got wet, OTL got wet and we left the camera at home!

Miss Twinkle and OTL headed off to the vets where he stabbed Miss Twinkle with the needle. You know what? She didn't even flinch when he did that! Maybe it was the Ferretone that OTL was feeding Miss Twinkle that did the trick!

The vet agreed with OTL that Miss Twinkle was six months to a year old 'cos it is difficult to tell the age of a ferret, all you have to go on is the condition of their teeth and their general appearance.

So, January 27th is Miss Twinkles birthday and next year she will be two years old!

When OTL got back home, he was sniffing and sobbing, poor lad had just opened his wallet again at the vets and they have taken all his money, again!

Lunch time we were out down the beach and it was still raining, but not very much! I thought that it may be a good idea if I went for a swim, well, let's face it, I could be wet in or out of the water!

OTL, Can I go for a swim?
OTL didn't agree with me and said it would be too cold and he didn't fancy a wet dog sitting in his car on the way home!

I must admit, I stamped my paws a showed off a bit!

I Wanna Go Swimin!
 Still didn't do me any good though! To make up for it, Holly and I had a race along the beach and up the stairs, you know what?

She beat me. Just?

Holly wins by a paw!
We met up with William and Bentley and as normal, William was all over OTL. He said that he was going to change his name to something really cool.

Instead of William he was going to be called 'Will-I-Woz'!

You can imagine, Holly and I almost fell on our tails from laughing and  William had a mischievous grin on his face as well!
Will-I-Woz, the Cool Dude!
Back home Miss Twinkle was getting to grips with the SAS Sleeping Bag (Steal And Stash!). It was funny watching her 'cos she started off curled up in a ball when OTL put her in the bag, then she would give a little wriggle and her head would fall out, then a bit later her shoulders were falling out and then after that, the rest of her fell out in a big heap on the cage floor!

Falling out of bed, slowly!
 She said that the Distemper Injection made her sleepy but as Holly said, 'Everything makes a Ferret Sleepy!'

I'll just have another five minutes!
OTL is busy doing some engineering in the bath room 'cos the shower needs some attention, we all reckon it's because he uses it too much, I mean, Every Morning is a bit much, us dogs can go for three months between our appointment with the Poodle Parlour!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles.