Friday, 3 August 2012

Busy Busy Busy and a Bump!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here at the end of another hectic day!

We were out down The Sea Wall and bumped into a Wormy Man who was off to work!

Bye Bye Wormy Man!

 Old Two Legs spotted a Four Spot Chaser and got this picture, not bad for a beginner!

A Four Spot Chaser hunting Food!
At this rate he may even get to be 'Not Bad'!

Back home to Lambs Heart and Liver. Full tummies and a snooze while OTL crept out of the house for another one of his 'Meetings'!

Lunch time we went down to The Forest, you know, we couldn't find the Highland Cattle at all. Holly said they were hiding behind a tree or a bush and may jump out and shout 'Boo' if we didn't keep out eyes open!

I kept a look out but never saw them at all!

OTL spotted some Bracket Fungi on a log, sort of shining in the sunlight that filtered through the green canopy of leaves, aaaaaaaah!

Even I said it was a bit early for fungi but I suppose that all that rain must have some effect on the fungi!

Hapalopilus nidulans
 Now OTL is showing off in a serious way here 'cos he purchased the 'Collins Fungi Guide', which is a super book of fungi with pictures and descriptions and Latin names. No English names, just Latin. So you can imaging OTL trying to get his tongue around some of the names, Holly and I were rolling on our backs and laughing our tails off!

Back home OTL finished off the last bit of stuff and packed it all up to take to the carrier. On the way down there, we were driving around a roundabout when a car ran into the side of us!

Luckily, Holly and I were snoozing on the back seat so we were not hurt, just surprised at the bump and the noise!

OTL had to give us both a cuddle to stop us worrying!

Yesterday the car was serviced and MOT'd and had a new set of wheel trims put on the car.

Today we have two very badly chewed up wheel trims and a very dented car!

We are hoping that the menders can get it repaired while we are away, so that's another job OTL has to get done before we go away!

Tomorrow we are washing the car, vacuuming all the dust and grass from inside the car and then we will sit down with our lists to check we have everything packed.

The Missus enjoys a paddle in the sea when we are away but we are not too sure about her insistence on wearing wellies, well, at least OTL takes his boots off!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly