Sunday, 4 September 2011

I love Sundays!

Hi Woofers!

D&H back again!

A 'BIG WOOFING HELLO' to Jackie from both of us, we hope you enjoy our blog and OTL's photos!

We all got up late this morning, well Old Two Legs, Holly and me that is, The Missus was up at some terrible time so she can catch up on all the television recordings she has made!

We really didn't feel like going out for a walk so TM cut it short for us and we returned home and crashed out on OTL's bed!

OTL gave us our morning brush, you know, I sometimes drift off to sleep when he brushes me! It is sooo relaxing, mind you, the Doggy Choc Drop I get before and after does help to keep me quiet!

OTL was given instructions by TM to take a load of rubbish down the tip, now, we know what is close to the tip, yes, it is The Farm!

So as soon as OTL made move to take the rubbish, we were both in the car and ready before he had loaded the rubbish in the back!

We woofed at a few dogs we saw walking on the pavement, called out we were going for a 'real walk' and how lucky we were!

Soon we were at The Farm, there were so many new sniffs we could hardly walk down the path without stopping!

Here is another sniff!

OTL was calling us all the time!

We heard some Jay's calling from the oak trees where they were collecting acorns for storage this winter.

Holly was keeping a lookout for squirrels, just in case they were collecting for winter as well, but we didn't see any hopping around!

OTL was looking out for more interesting trees but here on The Farm they are mostly young trees, but he did see a 'Mysterious' hole in the hedgerow that looked inviting.

Holly says it's calling out 'Chickens this way!'

Can you see the rabbit?
I thought it was calling 'Rabbits' and I'm sure I saw one blowing a raspberry at us!

When we got to the corn field we found that the crop had been harvested and Holly and me could have a good game of chase all over the field. Normally OTL would restrict us to the path 'cos if we ran through the corn we could do damage to the crop and the farmer would not be happy!

Holly found a super sniff and started to have a roll in it, that was until OTL told her off and made her get up!

Running from a good sniff!
We used to have a good run along a muddy path but during the summer the owners had laid down a new path with what OTL calls 'Road Stone' which makes it good if it gets too wet when the rains come.

A New Path with no Mud!
Back home for OTL to do some 'Manufacturing' which has to be sent on Monday, so we spent time having snoozes and games of chase and mugging TM for some beef from her lunch!

Holly has just pointed out that a Mr Michael Goodes has joined our blog Twice! Holly says he's just being greedy, trying to get two lots of our blog!

Hey! What? Foul! What is this we read? Chris has gone and got another caravan! Great, that means there is more room for a puppy!

OTL did that you know, he got a caravan and equipped it with loads of goodies, then he got me!

Later he got Holly!

So, there hope for you yet!

OTL is still working on 'manufacturing' and his eyes keep going (old age), so he has a rest, then goes back to 'manufacturing', these tiddly soldering connections are not good for him!

We will give him a cuddle tonight, just to make him feel better and a drop of Malt Whisky will help as well!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly