Monday, 2 April 2012

My Kiss Me Quick Hat!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

The sun has been shining all day today, so, off we went to the beach again!

Before we went, Old Two Legs took us around the field for our 'Morning Walk' where we said Hello to the sheep and the Lambs, not that they said anything but Bhaaa!

For all we know that could mean 'Good Morning' or 'Clear Off!'

The shepherd was having a chat to one of the other people staying on the site and as we approached, he shoo'ed the sheep dog into the vehicle they drive around in.

We got into our caravan and were being served our breakfast when the sheep dog was let out of the van.

'I am off to say Hello' says Holly and legs it out of the caravan and heads off to the sheep dog.

He gave an almighty great WOOF and ran after Holly! Holly legged it back to OTL who had wandered out of the caravan and he stood between Holly and the sheep dog, sort of protecting Holly.

We don't think the sheep dog would have hurt Holly, he was just protecting the sheep, we think!

He got called back by the shepherd and put back in the van, so Holly ran inside the caravan, up to the window and stuck her tongue out to the sheep dog!

That told Him!

On our way to the beach, OTL spotted a Little Owl sitting in a tree by the side of the road, so he gave his camera to The Missus and say, 'Take it's picture as we get closer', so she did, but the bird saw her leaning out of the car and flew off!

Still, she got one reasonable picture.

TM's Little Owl
Down on the beach we were greeted by a Jackdaw who asked if we had got a parking ticket 'cos if not he would fly off and tell The Warden!

Got Your Parking Ticket?
OTL had already got his ticket and was complaining about the 'Robbers' and how much it was to park!

Down on the beach we made more sandcastles and then decided to dig some dungeons to put OTL in!

......and now the Dungeons!
We met up with a dog about our size and he said he lived down here and always came out to the beach every day. Then he said he liked my hat, 'Wot Hat?' I said, 'That one with the writing on' he said, 'Wot Writing' I asked, 'That Writing' he said, 'Wot Does it Say?' I asked, 'Come Closer So I Can See' he said, so I got closer, and he said ' Kiss Me Quick!' then he kissed me!

Kiss Me Quick!
Cheeky little Devil!

He got called away and we went back to our ball chasing and dungeon digging!

Next came a Chocolate Labrador, about six months old, on a lead. He said that he was not allowed off the lead 'cos he keeps running away! So we said, 'Don't run away!'

Then he had a roll in the sand we had dug out of the dungeons and got it all over his face!

Can I Play As Well?
On the way back, OTL got his camera ready and slowed down near where we saw the Little Owl and it was still there! So, OTL being OTL, rattled off a few shots of the owl who just sat there looking at us.

I think he had given up being camera shy!

OTL's Little Owl
We had a super snooze in the awning, it was warm and comfortable in our beds with the sun shine coming through the windows!

Later this afternoon a camper van turned up and  beside the two Two Legs there was a cat aboard!

Well that was it, Holly and me woofed at the cat and we were almost choking on the lead to get to this cat.

After a short while, it came outside the van, sat down and proceeded to lick its paw and brush its ear!

Then it stood up, stuck its tail straight up and wandered very slowly back to the van!

Just wait, one morning Holly and I will not be on the lead, then we will teach it some manners!

We're off to have a snoozet before cuddling up to OTL for the evenings nibble of shortbread!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly