Monday, 4 November 2013

Back to the Vet!

Hello Woofers!

We're back! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was all rush and panic this morning, Old Two Legs had just finished his self inflicted punishment for over eating, (Thirty Four Minutes or one thousand and ten strokes on The Rowing Machine). Both ferrets wake up and come to the bars to say 'Hello' and get a tickle under the chin and a run around the office after their morning slurp of milk.

OTL took one look at Mr Brambles only to see that he had pulled one of his stitches and opened up the wound. It wasn't nasty but it had been bleeding a little and it looked rather raw. Next thing was to wash the wound with warm salt water and trim off the bit of stitch that was standing out from his skin so it didn't catch on anything and make him scratch it any more!

That done he was put back in his cage to keep him quiet, no chance, Mr Brambles threw a 'Right Strop' kicking the poo pot all around the cage, then he got inside and tried to dig through the bottom of the tray, hurling the wood pellets all over the office. It was a good job OTL had changed the contents and it was all clean!

Then Mr Brambles went over to his water bowl and kicked that all around the cage as well!

He was not a 'Happy Ferret'!

OTL reckons it's because he is going 'Stir Crazy' and missing his morning half mile run and hole digging on the beach!

A telephone call to the vets got him a ten thirty appointment and he was boxed up in the travelling cage together with a bottle of Ferretone in OTL's pocket, just to keep Mr Brambles still for when the vet inspected his 'War Wound'!

The vet decided to leave the wound alone and see what happens but OTL was told to try to keep him for nibbling it and the vet suggested making up a coat using an elasticated support bandage or an old sock.

OTL decided that the sock idea was a no brainer 'cos he only has woollen socks so down the pharmacy he goes, wallet in hand!

A pack of Tubigrip was purchased and OTL went to work with the scissors, just like a professional tailor! We reckon it looks like one of those 'Skinny Vests' that OTL wears every so often.  Mind you, he caught sight of himself in a mirror wearing one and it was then that he decided to get a rowing machine!

He said something about a skinny vest with a bell bottom!

Never mind the quality, just feel the width!
After OTL had worked hard on his cutting and carving he held it up and asked what we thought of it.

We couldn't speak for laughing!

Then we got Mr Brambles to try it for size and that's when all hell broke loose!

It was OK while he was slurping some Ferretone to keep him occupied but as soon as he was put back in the cage, everything went up in the air!

His water bowl and bedding were piled into a corner and the poo pot contents were dug up and hurled out of the cage all over the office floor!

OTL tried to calm him down with some drops of Ferretone while he was in the cage but as soon as he had finished it, off he went again on his 'Destruction Derby'!

Just wait until this is finished, then I'm off again!
Well, in the end OTL had to declare that the coat idea was a total failure!

However, if ever OTL gets a sprained wrist, he'll have an elasticated bandage all ready for it!

Our lunch time walk was fun. There was the BBC down on the sea front doing more interviews on the proposed airport and OTL got asked his opinion!

I don't think they'll put it on air.

Blah, Blah, Blah!

There was a Black Headed Gull sitting on the breakwater catching a few rays while the tide was in and OTL tried to creep up on it. He would have done if I hadn't woofed my way along the beach and scared it off!

Woof Off Birdy!
There were a couple of real Bozo dogs we said 'Hello' to, first a Big Bozo.

Hello Big Bozo!
 And sitting next to the owner was a Little Bozo!

Hello Little Bozo!
Then there was a 'Rabbit' we saw in the grass that was worthy of a chase, only problem was, it wasn't a rabbit, but rather a big spaniel who was snuffling around looking for a rabbit!

Us woofing and charging through the grass didn't put him in a good mood and I quickly ran back to OTL for protection!

Back home for an afternoon snooze before dinner.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr (Hooligan) Brambles.