Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sunshine Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Today The Missus went off early to her 'Crop Thingy Wotsit' where they all sit around gassing and chopping bits of paper up and make a big mess all over the place!

So, off we go with Old Two Legs, he knows how to have a good time!

First of all we went down to the Sea Wall where we charged all over the Sand Hills looking for Rabbits or Pirates. Unfortunately there were none around and even the fungi had gone back to bed!

That didn't matter, we still ran up and down the hills chasing each other!

Which way now?
That was good fun and we then went onto the beach for a run along the cockle shells that have piled up on the beach.

Here's a good sniff!
We were trotting along minding our own business when we spotted the Fishermen we saw yesterday, but this time they were walking across the mud looking for their worms, so OTL took another silhouette picture, not as good as yesterdays but not too bad!

Here, Wormy Wormy!
Next we met up with a couple of Spaniel type of woofers who wanted to play but were too scared, they kept running up to us then turning around and running away saying 'Please don't eat us'!

What a pair of cowards!

Promise you won't eat us?
Holly called them a pair of softies and said that we would only eat one leg at a time, providing it was cooked properly!

That scared them and they ran off, Holly and I almost laughed our tails off!

After lunch time we decided that OTL should go out again 'cos if he stayed in he would fall asleep and bang goes our afternoon run. So, we jumped up at his chair and woofed and grumbled and generally made his life impossible.

He got the message!

Off we went to the New Park!

As soon as we got in we met up with Arthur, a 'Tea Cup' Yorkshire Terrier, he was smaller than us! That made a change!

He jumped up at OTL's leg and made a fuss of him and he tickled Arthur behind his ears and they became friends at once!

Arthur and Us!
We all had a sniff of each other so we would remember each other next time we meet.

OTL walked us along the Horse Bridle Way and suddenly fell to knees and started to fiddle with some grass and leaves, we knew exactly what he found, another blooming Toadstool!

Small and Yellow!
He had to take the picture, holding the camera in his hand as he left his tripod at home. At least he is now finding coloured ones, we're waiting for the time he finds a purple one!

As we got to the end of our walk we stopped to say 'Hello' to the 'Not Not's', not that they said hello, just the normal whistle and foot stamp!

Hello Not Not!
When we got back home we had a snooze while OTL did some work in the office. There is nothing like an afternoon snooze, except an after get up snooze, or better an after breakfast snooze and there is the after lunch snoozette or the after dinner snooze, let's face it, snoozing is just super!

Tonight we expect to have an relaxing time, cuddled up to OTL and robbing him of some shortbread!

Life is indeed good!

See you tomorrow and we may get out with OTL and his camera!


Daisy & Holly