Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saturday Sun and The Tum is Better!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Wot a super day! We woke up a little later this morning because Old Two Legs forgot to set the alarm and even Mr Brambles scratching around with The Rock didn't wake him up either!

We enjoyed a bit of a lay in 'cos OTL still had to do his paddling around the office and you know what? Those ferrets didn't even wake up while he was thrashing about for an half an hour paddle!

They did however wake up when he walked in with breakfast, two bowls of Lactose Free Milk for the ferrets, a bowl of rabbit food for OTL, together with a glass of orange juice and a mug of tea!

They do love their milk, Mr Brambles is straight in slurping away for all he is worth, Miss Snowflake likes to wait a bit for it to warm up, she doesn't like it too cold.

While she was waiting, she set off to inspect the office and the squeaky balls and all the places where she shouldn't really go, like into the Cat Litter bag and behind all the studio lighting boxes!

Then she climbed up onto OTL's lap and that is always a sign that she wants her neck and shoulders scratched! She just loves it when OTL gives her a good scratch up and down her back, she swishes her tail about and rolls her head from side to side and she even turns around and grabs OTL's finger with her teeth! She doesn't bite him, just holds him!

Then she is down on the floor, dashing about, rolling on her back and generally doing her 'Ferret War Dance' which is dead comical to watch!

She dances over to Mr Brambles and gives him a shove and a nip on his back, then she rushes over to OTL, backwards, and tries to grab his fingers with her teeth. All in fun, there is no nipping or biting, so no TCP needed!

It is so funny to watch her, especially when she goes in the bathroom while OTL is changing their water bottles. She is running and dancing across the floor and because it is all lino tiles, she is skidding around in circles until she gets to the linen basket, where she stops and pushes off for another skate across the floor!

She is one Potty Ferret!

Down on the beach I was catching up on the sniffs and landed on a strange sniff just below the sand. I called out to Holly to have a nose at it.

'er, Holly Dog, waddayou reckon on this one?
 She said that she had already sniffed that one and had found another that was just the same!

I got one 'er as well!
Miss Snowflake was ferreting about amongst the rocks and announced that there was 'None Here!'

No, Nuffin 'ere!
 Back up on the path, on our way back to the car we were all investigation different sniffs. Mr Brambles, doing what Mr Brambles does best, was trying to sneak up on Holly and me. His big problem was that OTL could see what he was doing and kept him on a 'Short Lead'!

Come on OTL, just twelve inches more!
It wasn't long before he gave up and ran over to Miss Snowflake and joined her sniffing out the weasels that may have passed that way!

That's not a weasel, it's Stoatally different!
Back home we all piled into the kitchen to see what we had for breakfast.


A new dried Doggy Scoff, I've eaten dried Rabbit Poo that tasted better than that! What is she trying to do, poison us?

Lunchtime we were out again and Holly and I started to look for some tasty grass to eat 'cos we are not getting fed at home. OTL didn't say anything until later, but, we could have had some rabbit stew!

I see OTL!
It really was just too bad, and us starving the way we are! Holly found a big lump of tree trunk that had been in the water for some time, you know, when I licked it, it didn't taste too bad!

I could get used to this!
Holly started to take the mickey out of me when she found an old wheel, she said that if I started on the wheel I would soon get tyred of it!

You could get Wheely Tyred of this!
I wasn't going to stand for that, poking fun at me just 'cos I was hungry and was dreaming of some chicken!
........and that's when the fight started!
 OTL had to stop us in the end and we headed back to the car. On the way he stopped to photograph this blossom, all on it's own amongst the other bushes!

Spring is almost here!
Back home we managed to mug a chew from The Missus but it's not the same as a big bowl of chicken and biscuits!

See you tomorrow, if we survive the night!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.