Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Snail with Attitude and then we get left on our own!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

The Missus was up early this morning, catching up on the vacuum cleaning, so, there we were at five thirty, covering our ears trying to block that terrible sound!

Old Two Legs had his head under the pillow and he wouldn't let us get under there with him!

That early call meant that we were out early for a walk along The Sea Wall. We met up with one of OTL's fans!

Hello OTL!
You know it can get embarrassing sometimes the way these dogs just Love OTL!

Do you remember that picture to other day, with the tide so far in you couldn't see the wooden posts?

Well look at it today with the tide out, amazing just how far up the beach it comes!

There it is.........gone!
Further along the wall we came across a small snail racing to get back to the grass, well, racing as far as a snail can race!

'Here' we said wot's the hurry?

The snail looked around at us and told us to 'clear off out of his way before we got trodden on'!

Oooooo! Said Holly we don't like your attitude, maybe we should give you to the fishermen to teach you to swim! But we didn't!

Holly thought it was great fun and decided to do the same with a whelk we found a few feet further on along the path.

Oi! Shouted Holly to the whelk but it was no good, he was either out shopping or fast asleep!

Anyone at home?
At lunch time we went back to The Sea Wall and this time the tide was right in again, but not as far up the beach, but that didn't stop me, I was straight in for a swim. It was super diving in and out, I even saw a monster in the water and woofed at it to go away before I bit it!

It was a bit slow, but it didn't come any further!

Watch it! I've got sharp Teeth!

This afternoon, OTL and TM went off without taking us along as well! It wasn't until they came back that we realised that maybe it was a good idea!

You see, they went off to a party to celebrate Adam & Katie getting engaged to be married!

Adam & Katie cutting the cake!
You see, at the party were three big dogs, there was Dobby the Labrador and then there was Gadget the Staffy and finally Gizmo the Doberman!

I think it was safer for us at home! Auntie Shelia came to see us and after a good lick from us, she let us out into the garden for a wee!

OTL told us that just before they got to the party, young Ethan decided to try out for the Olympic Diving Team and did a Swan Dive into the pond in the garden! No harm done 'cos Daddy Paul was straight in and pulled him out!

Mummy Zoe was a little put out with young Ethan's tricks and got all confused when she gave Megan her feed, she stuck the feed bottle into Megan's mouth and Megan's dummy into her own!
I'm Confused!
And she doesn't even drink!

It was good when OTL and TM came back, we settled down for a cuddle and a nibble before dinner!

See you tomorrow, we've got the last of the car cleaning then OTL has a look at his packing list!


Daisy & Holly