Saturday, 26 March 2016

It's The Missus's Birthday Today!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

You know, we were singing Happy Birthday to The Missus this morning and just after four!

We know how to surprise her!

Last night we left Old Two Legs down stairs with a box of bits, a screw driver and a spanner. This morning, there it was all gleaming Yellow and White, an exercise bike!

No, it wasn't a 'Surprise Present' OTL's not that daft!

It is just that TM has decided she is above her BMI (Body Mass Index) and she has decided to loose some weight, just like Holly, only Holly didn't decide, it was OTL and TM and The Vet who decided but Holly can't ride a bike so she is stuck with an absence of nibbles and stuff like that!

TM is going for the absence of nibbles and a half an hour peddle on the bike while watching TV or making a card!

Yesterday TM was in a 'Creative Mood' and that means loads of glue, glitter, ink and other mucky stuff. At the end of the day her hands were stained all the colours of the rainbow and a few more as well!

No matter how much soap and scrubbing she tried it was still on her paws this morning.

There was a second 'Birthday Present' from OTL and this one was a 'Surprise Present'

A tub of Swarfega!

That soon shifted the inky stains!

Now she has gone off for the day doing demos at the local Craft Shop with clean sparkly paws!

OTL says that as it is her birthday we are going to have a Chinese Takeaway tonight so that means we might get some Crispy Plawns and some Plawn Clackers as well!

It wasn't so warm down on the beach this morning so we stayed well away from the sea!

When we got to the car park, Holly and I rushed off to say 'Hello' to the rabbits leaving OTL to wake up the ferrets.

May was not a Happy Ferret!

Do You Mind! We wuz Sleeping!

It wasn't hole digging weather so the ferrets were only interested in a wee and back in the bag again!

OK, where's the bag?
OTL said that they are both in need of a walk to keep them fit and also to keep their claws in trim!

OK, up the top of the hill we get a carry, Right?
OTL did pick them both up but it was only because Poppy and Beau  came rushing up to say hello!

OTL took a shot of Sheerness across the river, so you can see it is not the weather to hang around!

It could be rain!
 Back home it was 'Clear Up Time' so Holly and I headed for our cushions while OTL played with the ferret poo!

Lunchtime arrived and OTL woke Freddy up to go for his run, Freddy said he would rather stay in his bed!

OTL wasn't having any of that, so, off we went for a drafty walk!

OK, here is a little dig, just for you!
 Freddy dug a little hole, just so he can say he has been busy on the beach! Then he got half way up the hill and told us all that....................

Me Back Legs Have Gone!
 You know he shows off rotten when no one takes any notice!

Near to the top of the hill Freddy came across a Weasel sniff that was just oozing out of the ground!

Now that's what I call a sniff!
Being that it is the time for baby Weasels and the like, you get to expect all these 'Signpost Sniffs' I suppose all animals do it really, except Two Legs.

When you think about it, it's a wonder they ever produce babies, I mean, how they tell it is breeding time I'll never know!

Holly and I are sitting up at the bedroom window waiting for the 'Birthday Girl' to arrive back from her inky day.

Then as soon as she has used the Swarfega we'll all be off to the Chinese for some Plawn Clackers!

See you tomorrow!

Watch out for the rain!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and 'Sore Claw' Freddy de Ferret!