Friday, 23 August 2019

.....and that's when the fight started!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

All this match making stuff we have been having with Wendy and Eric has been a big sort of up and down switch back ride!

It started off yesterday evening, Eric and Wendy had been snoozing in the cage and not attacking each other, then as evening progresses there is a couple of spats that didn't last long and they were asleep again.

Old Two Legs decided to leave them both in together and see what happens, well, about two thirty in the morning there was a big scream and crashing of ferrets all over the cage.

OTL got up and separated them, checked for blood, told them they were naughty and put them back in the cage again.

That lasted all of forty five minutes and they started again.

This time OTL put them in different cages and headed back to bed for some sleep!

As it was Wendy who was awake, she came out with us this morning and enjoyed a run along the sea wall sharing the sniffs with us.

Hey! I've found a 'Fishy One' here!
Holly even tried some sunbathing on the beach even though she hadn't brought the Factor 35!

It's OK, the harness keeps the sun off my neck!
Back home the ferrets were put in the cage together and there was no fighting, in fact they sort of knew the other ferret was in the cage but there were no punch ups, just stares across the cage.

Lunchtime it was Eric's turn for a run and he had a great time chasing both Holly and I, trying to give our legs a nip if we didn't go fast enough!

I'm coming to get you!
 Of course, being holiday time there were visitors to the beach and the normal questions.

Is that a Rat/Puppy/Stoat/Weasel and of course there was.......They have Sharp Teeth/Smell/Dangerous Killers!

It didn't help when OTL says to them.....'Can you put your big dog on a lead 'cos I don't want you dog to get hurt if my ferret turns nasty!'

If you come closer I'll rip your legs off and eat them for dinner!
So, all afternoon it has been all peace and quiet with both ferrets retaining their limbs.

Let's hope that we can get through the night without any more warfare!

We think it was very good of Archie Babe to allow his Two Legs out to visit the Burger Bar without him even though he would have enjoyed a sample of Burger, just to ensure the taste is how he remembers!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.