Thursday, 26 July 2012

Red Card for Daisy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What good news! The GB Ladies won last night at the football, Super Stuff!

Holly and I were all excited on hearing the news this morning!

We decided that on our walk along The Sea Wall, we would pretend to play a game of football and I would be the Ladies Football Team.

Holly said that she was going to be the New Zealand Team 'cos they all have a Kiwi as a pet and Kiwi's taste like chicken!

Well we got down to the beach and Old Two Legs was mooching along and tripped over a football! I mean, a real working blown up full sized football!

That was it, we were off like a shot with our game!

I spent some time dribbling the ball along the path and then Holly got the ball and started to dribble all over it!

She got a warning from OTL about that 'cos it was 'Unsportsmanlike'!

Ref! She has been dribbling on the ball!
OTL told her off for doing that and she stuck her tongue out at him when his back was turned!

Daisy Bites Yer Legs!
 I must admit, I got a little excited running around chasing the ball that I got this irrisistable urge to bite it, so I did!

That was it, OTL said I had got a  Yellow Card!

OTL said that was against the rules and he showed me a finger that he said was a Yellow Card! Any more of that behaviour and I would get the Red Card and get sent off!

As he didn't have any cards with him he said he would get The Missus to make up some when he got back home.

Knowing TM, it will have Glitter and Pan Pastels and pretend Diamonds stuck all over them!

Hey Ref! She just tripped me up!

It was a hard fought game with some very dodgy passes and I was caught Off Side!

Daisy is Off Side!
OTL caught me being Off Side and awarded Holly a Free Kick, but she said she didn't want it 'cos she had found a good sniff and was happy with that for the moment!

We had a break and OTL went off to photograph a weed type of plant with very pretty flowers!

Back home we crashed out in our beds, this football lark is hard work!

OTL was very busy working away at his desk, so Holly and I decided he needed a break, so we bullied him into taking us out a bit earlier than normal at lunchtime!

The car park was full of cars and the beach was full of families with children messing about trying to build castles with the stones!

Holly and I spotted one family who were about to have some lunch, so Holly, ever the robber, stood over the top of them and said........................Got any Spare?

No success, they only laughed at us both!

Back home, and OTL went into Production Mode, making some stuff that had to be out today, so that means we may get another walk and we did!

We ended down at the Riverside Park, loads of sniffs and I even found one worthy of a roll!

Holly was keeping an eye open for OTL but he spotted me before Holly could give the warning!

OTL's Gonna be Cross with You!
We found a family sitting by the side of the mud waiting for the water to come in. Holly said that she could sniff sandwiches and wandered over to ask if they had any spare,  but they didn't, so we went hungry!

Got any spare sandwiches?
Back home for a snooze before 'Mugging Time' (Dinner Time for OTL!)

Olympics tomorrow! So you know where we will be all day!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly