Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ferrets House Keeping Day.

Hi Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Although it was a Sunday, we were up early and out in the sunshine, just in case it rained later, we decided to have a really good run along The Sea Wall.

Holly and I were off looking for rabbits and we spotted one at the top of the hill, so creepy creepy, we stalked all the way along the path towards it. Yes, we know that it had seen us a long time before but it was fun trying to seek up on it and then the rush at the last moment.

Off went the rabbit, into the bushes and down the rabbit hole, all before we had a chance to get close!

Holly was most upset and spent some time trying to dig it out but in the end gave up and followed Old Two Legs and The Ferrets down onto the beach.

Mr Brambles was running around digging 'Test Holes' and pretending he was going to do some Fracking to start a, earthquake, just to wake Snowflake up!

Come on Snowflake, Wake Up!
 Holly stood guard for a while until Snowflake started to move about, she enquired if there were any good sniffs under her!

Is that Sniff worth me getting up?
 When she found out it wasn't she wandered down the beach a bit to where I had just dug up a Super Sniff, you know, one of those that calls out.........


 So we did!

Move Over It's My Turn Sis!
 In the mean time, Mr Brambles was digging a tunnel and was working on both ends at the same time, first one end, then the other. He said it would be a tunnel to Essex, but it would be a one way tunnel, from Kent to Essex!

This will be one end.
 He was working very hard shoveling the sand about and throwing it over his shoulder!

and this wil be the other end!
 OTL asked how it would work if both ends of the tunnel were in Kent, you would go down it in Kent and come back out, in Kent. Mr Brambles said he was working on that and would 'Come Back To Him!'

The run back to the car was good, it was only at the end that Mr Brambles had to stop for a breather, other than that he kept up and even left Snowflake behind when she stopped for a sniff!

Come on Girl, Keep Up!
 Back home to some Lactose Free Milk, both us and the ferrets licked it all up, super tasting stuff that was. We will be watching out so see if it upsets their tummies.

OTL says that when that is finished, he has some goats milk for us all to try, now that will be fun!

Today is when OTL does his 'House Cleaning' in the office and today he did the ferret house as well. Now they have a super clean, comfortable 'Snowy Heights' and OTL has rearranged  some of the shelves, just to keep them on their claws!

Mind you, it didn't stop them from climbing over the cages while OTL was waving his cleaning cloth all over the place. At one time he was being chased around the cage as both ferrets were trying to pinch the cleaning cloth!

However, when it was all finished, they both crashed out and were asleep in no time!

Wake me up later, much later!
We left them snoozing and went out for the midday stroll. Holly and I saw a Bozo Woofer on the beach with his owners, so we stood up on the Sea Wall and blew raspberries at him, knowing he couldn't get to us 'cos he was on a lead!

Raspberries to you Bozo!
 While we were having a game with the Bozo, OTL saw a spider scurrying along the path, so he tried to get a picture of him in full flight!

I'm Gettin' Outta Here!
He didn't want to stay and pose for OTL, I suppose he thought we may tread on him!

We met up with a little Westie we had seen before and had a quick game of 'Chase' which was good fun, that was until his owner called him away!

Bye Girls and Thanks for The Game!
Walking through the long grass, OTL had this bug land on his leg. Now we're not sure what it is. It's not a butterfly nor a wasp or a moth. It maybe some sort of bee or copy cat fly but we have not seen one like it before.

OTL says he will have a look in his books to see if he can find it!
OK, Wot is it?
Back home to a snooze and look forward to mugging OTL tonight!

We hope you had a good weekend as well!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.