Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Another Lovely Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (The Ferret) back again!

Nowadays, we jump up onto Old Two Legs bed to wake him up, (a lick behind the ear normally is enough), then off he goes for a shower, gets his clothes on and then sorts Snowflake out. We on the other hand, enjoy a good 'After Wake Up Snooze' on the bed, making the most of his nice soft pillow!

We used to go into the office with him for breakfast and our snooze before going for our walk but since Snowflake needs her morning 'Ferret About' we stay on the bed, it's less dangerous!

This morning Snowflake was in a particularly playful mood and was bouncing around chasing the 'Cat Tease' and sounding like a chicken going sort of 'Chook, Chook' then jumping up and down to get the feathers on the 'Cat Tease'.

OTL was chuckling away as well and we could hear the pair of them having a great time together.

Well, that was until the 'Squeaky Toys' came out and then we heard OTL yelp, yep, he just couldn't get his hand out of the box of paper quick enough and Snowflake caught him pinching one of her toys and gave him a nip!

When I was allowed into the office, Snowflake was  back in her bed having her second snooze of the day and I could smell OTL's blood. So being 'Nurse Daisy' I gave OTL's hand a lick, just to make it all better and stop him snivelling, he can be such a baby sometimes!

Down on The Sea Wall we could see a reddish sunrise and Holly said that 'Red Sky in The Morning' was a 'Ferrets Warning!' and we both had a good laugh at that and even OTL had a smile on his face!

Red sky in the morning, Ferrets Warning!
 We came across a Curlew poking around in the mud and grumbling away to himself. It seems that he is blaming the Wormy Men for the lack of worms to eat. He says that in 'The Old Days' all you had to do was tap the mud a couple of times with your foot and a worm would jump up out of the mud and there was your breakfast!

I need a Worm!
 It's getting harder nowadays!

 We were having a game of 'Chase the Ball' when Holly suddenly stopped and said that the hair was getting into her eyes and she was having trouble seeing the ball!

I need a Haircut!
 I said that we had got a booking for the early part of April and by then the weather would have warmed up as well!

We carried on mooching along the path looking for new sniffs but they just didn't seem to be any really good ones about this morning!

I need a good Sniff!
You know, even the rabbits had gone back to bed!

The good thing was, back home we had chicken waiting for us! Chicken two days running, wow!

Lunch time we were out again but the situation didn't improve at all even when we me Max and Oscar they were complaining of uninteresting sniffs as well!

Terrible Sniffs today Girls!
You know, there are some days that just end up sniff-less!

OTL was out this afternoon visiting customers so we spent some time having a snooze on the sofa, well that was until we got a 'Teeth Cleaning Chew' each and spent the next hour arguing over who's chew was who's!

By the time OTL got back it was late and Snowflake was rattling her door to be let out for a 'Ferret Around'!

Still, tomorrow should be better, they have forecast bright sunshine and warm winds and clear blue skies, or was that me dreaming?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake