Thursday, 12 March 2015

I'm OK, it's Holly's turn!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

You will be pleased to hear that I'm feeling better today! So much so that I've pinched Holly's chew she had been saving!

Bad news is that Holly has now got the Grumbly Tum!

She said she didn't really feel like the chew and I could have it, but only until she feels better!

Old Two Legs said he would keep an eye on her 'cos she does suffer with her butt!

We met up with that Rook again, cheeky devil wanted to know if we had any sarnies with us!

Just a Little Sarnie for me?
Mr Brambles said that he could make a sarnie of a Rook with no trouble what so ever!

Then he dug a 'Fox Hole' to hide in just in case the Rook decided to attack!

OK, I'm ready for you now!
 Just as he was getting ready, I came over to inspect the hole and Mr Brambles thought that I was sniffing his butt!

As if!

Get yer nose outta My Butt Woofer!
Then, quick as a flash, he jumped around to try to give me the old 'Hairy Eyeball!'

Little does he know, but I've been given the 'Hairy Eyeball' by experts, so a little Ferret can't scare me!

Yeah? You and who's army?
 We all scampered off home and OTL spent most of today trying to get his printer to un-bung it's self.

No success there then!

We saw him weeping in the corner and stroking his credit card, looks like a new printer is on it's way then! He made enquiries about replacing the printer head but it was over half the price of a new printer!

No Contest!

Lunchtime was great, the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze and just for a change, or because he spent too much money, OTL took his Yellow Filter out with him!

The tide was on it's way in and we spotted a Wormy Man right out on the mud, being chased back to shore by the incoming tide!

It's Behind You!
Well, he made it back but as OTL says, you have got to be careful 'cos that water comes in at a right gallop!

Holly pretended to do a gallop along The Sea Wall and calling out that she was being chased by the tide!

Soppy Holly!

Chase Me I'm A Galloping Holly Dog!
I was watching from the beach and kept calling out that it was gaining on her and she had better get her water wings out!

Watch out! Here comes the waves!
It was good fun on the beach and both Holly and I ran up and down woofing at some Two Legs walking along The Sea Wall.

OTL sat on the beach looking at the tide rushing in.

Well, as he says, 'It's Better Than Working!

Wot's working Precious?

We stopped on the bench to watch a woofer go past down near the Rabbit Hunting Ground and decided that we wouldn't go hunting today 'cos the woofer more than likely had scared all the rabbits back down their holes anyway!

Look at that! No idea how to hunt rabbits!
Back home it was all back to work again for OTL but Holly and I enjoyed a very pleasant snooze on the bed!

The Missus is out again tonight at some Glue & Glitter Bash so we will be able to sit on the sofa and eat nibbles and watch a DVD!

Couldn't be any better!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.