Saturday, 9 February 2013

Super Saturday and Snowflake's OK!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

How's your Saturday? We've had some fun and games here. First of all Old Two Legs thought he was going to get a extra hour in bed this morning, No Chance!

As soon as The Missus got up we followed her down stairs and out for a wee, then straight back up to let OTL know that it was Saturday!

We jumped up onto the bed and gave his ear a good licking, then Holly offered to share her chew with him and tried to store it under the pillow OTL was using! That was it, OTL got up and wandered off to the bathroom for a shower!

It was a good job we got him up early 'cos Snowflake had an appointment with the vet this morning!

Out we went for our walk and bumped into a Spaniel who said he had lost his ball and could he have ours.

Cheeky Woofer! OTL kept our ball in his pocket until the Spaniel had gone off with his owners!

Gissa a Ball!
 We had fun with OTL throwing the ball and Holly and I chase after it and at one point, Holly jumped up and the ball bounced on her nose and it went off onto the beach.

Could I find it? No I couldn't, I stood for about five minutes looking and it was only when OTL turned up did we find it!

Well, I can't see it!
 Back home we decided to wake up Snowflake and get her ready for the vet! Snowflake was still half asleep and would have rather gone back to snoozing but we did our 'Wake Up Woof' which woke her up!

She was a bit Grumbly, but we didn't take any notice! 

I'm supposed to get eight hours sleep every night!
Soon she was out of her bed and was running around the office clearing up all her toys. After putting them all away, she would go off exploring and while she was doing that, OTL got all her toys out and spread them around so, back came Snowflake and she put them all away again!

First, Diddly Duck is put away.
 Then the squeaky toys are put in the travel cage, there were so many toys that there was no room for Snowflake!

.....and here's the Last One!
After all that she needed a drink!

Thirsty work!
After cleaning out Snowy Heights, Snowflake was put into the Travelling Cage and Holly was clipped onto the lead. Off they went to the vet.

I was glad to be left at home, I don't like that vet place, it always hurts and OTL always cries!

The result of the visit was, Snowflake is all OK and her operation scar is healing up well and she can go out for a walk when the weather gets warmer.

Holly has lost a bit of weight 0.01kg!

I mean 0.01kg, I've pooed more than that!

OTL wasn't charged any more, so he didn't cry!

Back home we all had a good laugh about Holly's terrific weight loss and I suggested that we tie a string around her nose to prevent her from eating!

Holly sulked, then she wandered off and went to sleep on OTL's bed saying that the scales were wrong!

Poor Holly, she has got to do more 'Not Eating' if she's going to get slimmer!

OTL said we can go out for a walk along the Sea Wall again before the rain set in, so off we went in the car, singing our driving songs!

We met up with another Spaniel who was really unsure about what OTL was carrying!

'ere, What is that you got there?
 We told him that OTL was harmless and he always carried the camera!

 We met up with Oscar and his mate again and had a chat about the lack of good sniffs along the Sea Wall. 'I blame the weather' says Oscar, too much rain and puddles! 

What we need is Good Sniffs!
 While I was chatting to Oscar, up came his mate and sniffed my tail! Well, I told him that if he didn't get his nose from under my tail, I would chew his tail off!

Your on a five millisecond warning!
 Off they went and we carried on. Holly said she saw a whale splashing about off the shore but it turned to be one of those Bozo Labrador dogs chasing the sea gulls!

He is going to get hosed down when he gets home!
 Being that it is Saturday, OTL will have some shortbread tonight, so, I'm going to be very good and maybe I'll get a nibble!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake