Sunday, 2 September 2012

F1 Racing And Welcome Invaders!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

It has been a funny old Sunday today, a sort of busy but nothing really doing if you know what I mean?

There are some Sundays when we go on adventures and some Sundays when we have trouble staying awake!

This Sunday we went out good and late 'cos Old Two Legs was late in waking up, despite Holly and me giving him a good ear licking first thing this morning, I think it was around four thirty!

Well, we got down to The Sea Wall and immediately went off hunting rabbit but they had been up and gone back to bed by the time we got down there!

Where have all the rabbits gone, long time passing?
Holly and I had a 'Good Idea', you see when we were in Scotland we found that the rabbits all liked the sandy beach and made their homes in the sand cliffs. So, remembering this, we shot off to the big piles of sand that the Two Legs had dug out of the ground and had a good sniff for rabbits. Trouble was, we didn't tell OTL what we were going to do, so, Holly had to run back and fetch him! Then she had to find me, so up she went to the top of the sand pile to call for me!

OTL seemed not too happy that we had run off and I got put on the lead as punishment for thirty minutes!

Lunch time we got back down again but this time we were more intersted in the number of fishermen there were on the beach, not the 'Professional' ones we see during the week but the 'Amateurs' with not much idea!

Weekend Amateurs!

We think they were more interested in just sitting on the beach and having a chat!

We got home just in time to see the F1 racing, what a start that was!

Well done to Jenson, he drove like a champion all the way through!

OTL went back to the gardening and spent the afternoon clearing the unwanted weeds from the path and the flower beds. That's a joke, we think that most of the plants were weeds anyway!

Towards the end of the afternoon I went out and gave him a cuddle, well, I climbed up onto his lap and we had a 'Snuggle' until he spots a big Dragonfly, not the Darters or Chasers we had seen before. This one looks like a Hawker!

An Unknown Hawker
In fact there were two buzzing around the pond and landing in the trees above the pond!

OTL was well pleased and even called The Missus out to see them!

So, that was a well pleased OTL, the pond is attracting the sort of insects OTL wants, and a bit quicker than he thought, so we have a 'Happy OTL' who plans to do some photography of the insects in and around the pond, maybe next year when it settles down!

As he could not identify the species he has sent an email to British Dragonfly Society who should be able to identify the little devil for OTL!

Tonight I think OTL will have a celebratory slurp of the 'Water of Life', so that means we get a nibble of 'The Biscuit of Scotland'!

Back to work tomorrow but we are expecting sun shine, so it ain't all bad!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly