Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Aurora? Wot Aurora?

Hello Woofers!

It's us, Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Last night, just before we went to bed, Old Two Legs let us out into the garden for our late night wee and he came out as well! Now, it is not usual for OTL to wander around the garden late at night, so what was he up to?

Seems like he had read that a Magnetic Storm has hit the world and there should be lights in the sky and stuff like that. Poor OTL, no lights except for the street lights to light up the sky!

This morning we went out for our run along the Sea Wall, in the rain, we don't like rain but it was too far from home to go back, so off we went. A look over the wall told us the sea was out and we had a chance for a run on the beach, but it is always hard running on stones!

The further we went along the beach the wetter it got and Holly stopped and pointed to the ground and told OTL that she could see herself in the puddles!

Look!         WET!

That was it, we decided we have had enough and wanted to go home, so, a quick woof at the Wormy Men!

Woof Woof Wormy!
No answer from them so a big raspberry and back home!

Lunch time was fun, OTL has purchased a dog whistle and is trying to get us to be little sheep dogs!

He has been waving his arms about, blowing on the whistle and shouting Away and Come Bye, none of which we understand at all!

We have worked out that Come Bye and Away mean go to the side but we are having problems with which side he means. I'm sure that if he blows the whistle any harder his eyes will pop out!

I mean, we can hear him if he whistles very low using his lips, this dog whistle just irritates!

OK, now which way?
 In the end we just walked away and left him puffing and blowing and jumping up and down!

As we walked along the Sea Wall in the distance we saw a cyclist peddling his bike along the wall.

Hey, says Holly 'You go Away and I go Come Bye' and see what happens!

We ran up to him and went each side of him, you know he didn't even see us! He just carried on peddling!

Maybe we should get OTL to blow his whistle at him!

Chicken for dinner tonight, seriously good meal!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly