Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sharp Needles R Not Nice!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Well, we went out good and early with Old Two Legs this morning and did our normal run around and woof at the Gulls, but when we had finished, it was down to the vet for our injections!

Now we are not wimps but it seems that every time we go in that place, OTL cries and we get hurt!

This time was no different, poor OTL was beside himself when he got the bill, even threatening to put us on eBay to help get his money back!

We got the complete check over but this time they didn't stick the thermometer up our bottoms! It was a case of feel this, prod that, squeeze the other and look into my eyes!

Then they came in with this enormous syringe and a needle that looked as big as a lamp post, told OTL to hold us but look away (he can't stand us being hurt).

I was OK but Holly started to bleed a little from the injection, you see she didn't keep her paw on the plaster, so, after a wash down she was OK and we were both desperate to get out of the place!

As a present for being so brave, OTL and The Missus took us down to the New Park, super ball chasing fun and we even waved hello to the Not Not Neddies. Not that they waved back!

We chased around hunting the ball, then Holly said that as I was the faster runner, I should let her run after the ball first. Well, I said that if she wasn't so fat and loopy she would be a bit faster on her paws and that would teach her for being such a pig at the feeding bowls!

Then she called me short legged twerp with no sense of fare play and it was such a pity that my tail didn't curl over like it was supposed to do!

That was it, she wasn't going to get away with that, I said I would straighten her tail out for her.

And that's when the fight started!

Tail Grab & Twist!
OTL shouted at both of us for fighting and growled at us for being 'unladylike' and told us we would get taken back to the car if we didn't behave!

Yes, Sorry OTL!

We met up with Sky and Kep a couple of Lurcher/Sheepdog sort of things that were very big and full of life. They chased us around and at one time I even climbed onto OTL's lap for protection!

Sky (Bully)
We walked on a bit and got to the swimming hole, we were glad about that 'cos we both needed a drink!

Down there we met up with Jimmy, we had met him before and we had an exchange of sniffs. We told him to be careful of Sky and Kep, he thanked us and went on his way.

Yo! Jimmy Lad!
No sooner had Jimmy walked off when we were almost bowled over by Honey who came tearing up to us! We had played with her before and we knew we could beat her on the fast turn, so we had a good game of chase using OTL and the turning spot!

Hello Honey!
It wasn't long before we were all out of breath, so Holly had a chat and told her about the interesting sniffs a bit further down the path.

We were glad to get back home, a good meal of liver and a mug of OTL's meal, then settle down in front of the TV for a snooze before bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly