Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dead Sheep Pong!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

Wow! It has been some terrific winds up here! Last night the wind direction changed, so, from a gentle rocking backwards and forwards, the caravan started to sway from side to side! Holly says it was making her sick! That was until she got up and had a look out the window, then her tummy settled, just in time for breakfast!

The caravans to our left look like they are packing up to leave today, so they are taking their awnings down, what a sight! The thing is flapping all over the place and the whole family is hanging onto the awning and trying not to let it blow away!

We had our walk on the beach and although it's windy, it's not cold, in fact it is rather warm.

Holly says that is a good sign that a hurricane is heading our way!

Cheerful little ball of fur she is this morning!

A Chew on seaweed to clean our teeth!

We had a game of 'Stick Running' again and Holly dug a couple of holes for us to roll in!

Rollin in the Hole!

Then we had a game of 'Possession' until the seaweed broke!

SsssMine! I saw it first!
On the way out we had words with the sheep!

OK, Who wants to be a Lamb Chop Today?
After Old Two Legs did all his chores, we were off for another day of exploring around the island.

We spotted a Goshawk that was surprised by us driving past where he was looking out for his dinner!

OTL took us back down to the big beach behind the airport and we had a super run all along the beach.

The wind was blowing so hard, it was blowing the sand back into the sea again!

The Sand going for a Swim!
We went along to the rocks in the middle of the beach.

Then we had a search for the rabbits we knew were hiding underground, we sniffed, then we woofed, then we tried digging the hole bigger, but they stayed hidden inside and refused to come out!

We know you're in there, we can hear you breathing!
After a while we decided to leave them alone and went off for a sniff of that dead sheep. It was getting a good pong about it 'cos it had been there for a long time and Holly said it was just right for having a roll in, but OTL wouldn't allow it!

Go On, just One Roll?
We stopped at an old church that had lost it's roof many years ago and OTL took some pictures of the church, this one is outside, looking in and then out the front door to the outside again, if you get what I mean!

Outside, looking inside, looking out!
On the way back, OTL stopped at a distillery that was a farm and grew all it's own barley and made it's own whisky. OTL had never heard of this one before, so, OTL, being OTL, just had to get a bottle, or two, to try when we get home!

It was a good job The Missus was not here, she may have stopped him going in there in the first place!

Just as we got back to the caravan site it started to pour down, the rain was almost horizontal and was trying to blow the caravan back across the site!

We dived in and TM got our dinner ready, chicken and biscuits, which was great. Then she turned to OTL and said 'There's no water in the tank and the barrel is empty, you had better get some, now!'

Poor OTL, out in the rain and the wind filling up the water tank, still, we did give him a cuddle and helped him eat the last of his shortbread!

See you tomorrow, we're off shopping in Bowmore tomorrow and while TM is shopping, OTL is going to sneak into the distillery, if he's quick!


McDaisy & Mac Holly