Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sorta In The Poo Again!

Hello Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Old Two Legs has been getting in a bit of a pickle today and I think that we may just have something to do with it!

You see, in the mornings, OTL takes all of us down the Sea Wall for a run on the beach and a mooch around the bushes and long grass.

Well, when we got to the car park, what did we see outside the window? A Bozo Pussy Cat, I mean, there it was all bold as brass, chewing on a bit of a roll that someone had thrown out of their car. Well, Holly and I wanted to get out and have a 'chat' with the said Pussy Cat.

We were going berserk inside the car, woofing and howling and busting to get out!

OTL wouldn't let us out until the Pussy Cat had disappeared from view, but that didn't stop us from charging about looking for him while OTL got the ferrets out of their travelling cage and onto a lead.

While he was doing that, we decided to 'Scout Ahead' and see if there was anything interesting on the path. Off we went like good little puppy's.

As we turned the corner, there, in the middle of the path, with its tail towards us, was the Biggest Bozo Bunny we had ever seen!

Slowly we crept along the path, Indian fashion, you know, single file so the rabbit doesn't know how many we are!

Then it spotted us and was off.

Just at that point, OTL came around the corner, saw what was about to happen, called out NOOOOO! Just as Holly and I were off and running.

Did you know that when a doggy is doing a 'Chasing Thing' the doggy goes completely deaf? It's a well known fact you know!

Holly and I were steaming, I mean we were going like the clappers after this Bunny who was keeping to the path and heading off into the distance!

At the same time as this was happening, the ferrets decided they wanted to get out of the ferret bag and follow us on foot, except that OTL was running after us and at the same time was struggling to keep a pair of wriggling ferrets from slipping out of his arms!

By the time OTL had got to the first turn, we had followed the Bunny into the tall undergrowth and were howling and woofing for all we were worth.

By this time the Bunny had gone to ground and Holly and I were having a sniff around just as OTL came wheezing along the path to tell us to 'Stand Still' while he put our lead on us!

Spoil sport!

So, we were tethered and prevented from having our normal mooch along the 'Proper' path. That was until we got to where we turn left to go down to the beach.

OTL said that providing we were good puppy's we could be let off the lead.

A couple of sniffs into our new found freedom it happened.

Holly spotted a Bunny up by the bushes.

I spotted another Bunny on the path at the bottom of the hill.

OTL spotted the bunnies and noticed how our ears were going deaf again and he bellowed NOOOOOOOO!

Well, that was just like a starting pistol!

Holly went one way, crashing into the bushes following the Bunny and I was streaking up the hill with a Bunny's White Tail bobbing away in front of my nose!

OTL was also still struggling to keep the ferrets in his arms while they were jumping up and down cheering us on!

About five minutes later, Holly emerged from the bushes to the shrill sound of OTL whistling for us to go to him. Holly wanders out and says 'Calling Me?'

I was still chasing the Bunny over the other side of the hill and of course, I didn't hear a thing!

OTL put Holly on the lead and still trying to keep the ferrets from falling out of his arms, set off up the hill with the lead tucked under his arm and Holly dragging her tail 'cos she had just found an interesting sniff!

About half way up the hill OTL spotted me nonchalantly walking along the path just sniffing the air!

I wandered down the path towards him with a silly grin on my face and asking if he had missed me?

That was it, we were back on the lead again until we got to the beach.

Holly and I sat down and had a chat while the ferrets got on with their ferreting!

Next thing I know, OTL was asking where Holly was?

I hadn't noticed her dive off and race along the Sea Wall after another Bunny she thought she had seen down the path a bit!

About five minutes later, and a lot of whistling by OTL, along came Holly, walking alongside a female Two Legs who was getting some exercise by 'Power Walking' along the Sea Wall.

Holly was trying to copy her and was trotting along waggling her butt and her tail was waving about like it was about to fall off!

It looked so funny!

What with all this chasing about, OTL didn't take any pictures.

Come lunch time it was raining, not too hard but enough for him to leave the camera in the car while we went on our trot around the Sea Wall. There was no one out at all and to be honest, we were glad to get back to the car.

We don't like being 'Damp Doggy's'!

A Pair of Out of Focus Damp Doggy's!
See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles