Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Our First Christmas Tree!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Wow! What a start to the day, we had a look out of the window first thing and saw everything covered in thick frost!

Old Two Legs had to get the car started and warmed up before we were allowed inside 'cos it was too cold. In fact, OTL said that it was minus four and a half degrees!

Seriously cold!

Down on The Sea Wall it was just as frosty!

Just look at this lot!
OTL was all excited and started to snap away at the frost covered weeds and grass!

Frozen Weeds!
Then of course there was even more frozen weeds to photograph!

More frosty weeds!
Holly spotted it first, 'Here' she said, 'The Sea is frozen!'


'The Sea is Frozen!'

So, we all rushed down to the shore and Holly was right, it was all icy and there were piles of ice washed up on the beach!

Frozen Sea!
 We had never seen that before, even when it has been snowy!

Holly and I had a super time running through the grass, chasing each other and rolling in the frosty grass! Even OTL was having fun chasing us and trying to stop us rolling in the frozen sniffs!

Let's roll in this one as well!
You know, the ice was all along the beach and as the tide was coming in, the ice was building up on the beach!

Watch out for the Icebergs!
When we turned the corner and looked across to Sheerness, it had disappeared! I mean there was nothing but ice, mist and frost!

Sheerness's Gone!
Well, that was it, no Sheerness, no Birds, no Woofers and my tail was getting cold!

So, with OTL clicking away at the last of the frost covered weeds we headed back to the car!

Last of the Frozen Weeds
Off home to get some Chicken and Biscuits for breakfast!

 Lunch time came and we were a bit worried in case the frost had got any worse but we stuck our nose out of the front door and found it had all gone!

Well, the only decision to make is where next? We could go down to The Forest again but Holly said that she was getting bored with squirrels! The Farm would be too muddy even if there were some badger holes to have a sniff at! So, we decided the only place to go is The New Park! We will be able to have a run, chase balls and meet some of our old friends!

Me, Ball Chasing!
It was great fun chasing the ball then running off into the grass and pretend to hide it from OTL, that means he has to walk into the grass areas and chase me to get the ball back!

Holly met up with the two Greyhounds that came from a Rescue Centre, they were having a good run about and said they were looking forward to Christmas!

Hello Holly Dog!
As we were following the horse trail we came across a Christmas Tree, yes, there it was a tree growing in the park and it was all dressed up in Christmas decorations!

It looked super!

First Christmas Tree!
 Heading back to the car we came across a young Pug who had a sort of jumper on to keep him warm! Holly said that it looked good on him but didn't fancy it for herself!

The Pug said his name was Geoffrey and he enjoyed a good game of chase, then he set about chasing me and then Holly!

I got a bit fed up with it and jumped up onto OTL's lap and gave Geoffrey a big Grumble and then I woofed at him!

Come on, let's play Chase!
 Back home we both crashed out in our Day Beds, it's hard work enjoying yourself you know!

OTL has got Sweet & Sour Pork tonight, so we are up to do some serious mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly