Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ticks, Otters, Orca & Another Distillery!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

After yesterdays fun and frolicking we were watching a Harry Potter film, not sure which one but we fell asleep leaving Old Two Legs to watch in on his own.

I was all cuddled up next to him and he was gently brushing my fur all along my head and back.

About nine thirty he stopped but kept his finger on a spot just above my eyes.

Oh No!

It was a Tick!

Now I know I had been feeling a bit sore there during the afternoon but thought it may have been a scratch.

Off he went and got his Tick Tools out, I was getting worried. Then he sat me down next to him, I was getting very worried. Then he started to part my fur on the sore spot and started to descend with his Tick Tool towards my head!

To cut a very long tale short, it took two and a half hours for me to let him get the tick out!

In the end he got it out and we then OTL and me had a cuddle 'cos we were both totally exhausted!

All that over a carnivorous spider!

Today we got up late, we were both still a little upset about last night, so we had another cuddle, just to make it all right!

We were getting ready to go out to search for Orca down near Port Askiag. OTL had heard that Orca had been spotted in the Sound!9

We were looking out to sea from the caravan when OTL said OTTER!

The Otter, scared off by a Heron!
There, with it's head sticking out of the water was an Otter, then, with a quick turn of its tail it dived under the waves.

Well, we stood watching for some time but it never came back, so, that's our Otter Spotting for this holiday!

Down at Port Askiag we parked the car and stated to walk up the hill to the path from where we could spot any Orca in the Sound but The Missus started to complain about walking, so, OTL said, 'How about we go over to Jura?'

TM said 'Mmmmm' which translated means 'No Thanks', then OTL said 'We could have lunch in the hotel'...........................TM's eyes lit up!
So, there we were bouncing along in a ferry heading over to Jura, now what we haven't told you is, there is a distillery on Jura, just across the road from the hotel!

Sneaky OTL or wot?

We got to Craighouse where the hotel was and OTL spotted there was a beach a bit further up the road so, just to keep Holly and I happy, off we went.

Come on, throw the ball!
It was great, we were running all along the beach and I was in and out of the sea chasing the ball OTL was throwing for us. Holly just got her paws wet but because the water was shallow, I was running further and further out to get the ball!

A Salty Sea Dog!
It was good splashing through the water making it all splash over my head and back!

Me, Body Surfing!
OTL had to stop me in the end 'cos I was getting a little shivery!

A good rub down with our 'Doggy Towels' and we were right as rain!

TM got her lunch of venison and OTL sneaked across the road for a bottle or two and some whisky glasses!

While were were on Jura we spotted some Red Dear on the hillside but they had seen us and were all looking towards us, even though we were about half a mile away!

On the way to the hotel, OTL spotted a picturesque old bridge and said he would like to photograph it on the way back, so we stopped and while he was playing with his camera, we were having a walk with TM. 

Pretty but Dangerous!
All finished we got back in the car. TM squealed 'Ticks!'

Then she pointed out two ticks on me!

Here be more ticks!
I don't know why they pick on me but they do, Holly gets off with no Ticks but I get two!

OTL sorted them, picked them off and threw them out of the window, sort of 'Get off and Walk!'

Ticks to the Left, Ticks to the right!
Back to the caravan where we had a good meal of chicken and biscuits and a cuddle with OTL until it was 'Mugging Time'!

Tomorrow we are out with OTL, not sure where we will be going but you can be sure we will get inspected for ticks before getting home!

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy & Mac Holly