Monday, 2 May 2011

Hothfield Common Bog Swimming Contest!

Hello all you Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Have we had some fun today! Old Two Legs decided he wanted to photograph some more Bluebells before they turned this year, so, he was on the computer trying to find places where there was a combination of, Bluebells, open to public, (common land), dogs allowed (very important), not too far away and with car parking close.

Not bad for a list?

Well, clever old stick that he is, he decided to visit Hothfield Common, near to Ashford in Kent.

Off we set with all the necessary stuff, water, dog nibbles, dog bed, rawhide chew, dog lead and whatever he needed!

We arrived at the most wonderful bit of heathland we had ever seen, well, we haven't seen any heathland really but we were certainly impressed with this bit!

First of all we discovered that there are giant rabbits living on the common.

I don't fancy meeting this rabbit!
 That rabbit hole was enormous, in fact to begin with, we thought it was a Badger's set, (home) but a quick sniff told us it was rabbit!

OTL's Bluebells.
We got dragged into the wooded part to get some pictures of Bluebells. It was a bit boring, so we ran off and played chase for a while.

There was one time that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find Holly. That was until I heard a load of giggling above me, and there, standing on a big branch, high above my head, was that Porkie Puppy!

Holly in the sky!
 I am sure that she has monkey blood running in her veins!

Holly had spotted a tree that she called a 'Throne', so she got OTL to take her 'Official Portrait'....she said that OTL calls her a 'Princess' when he brushes her in the mornings, so why not have a 'Princess's Portrait' .......wot a show off!

Princess Holly (Official Portrait)
After that we went for a walk looking for other interesting things, OTL was looking for Nightjar birds that sleep during the day and hunt at night.

We went looking for water and boggy bits!

Start of the Boggy Bits!
We found the Boggy Bits but OTL never found the Nightjar!

Having found the Boggy Bits, what's a puppy supposed to do? That's right, we jumped in!

After we came out we were a little,  muddy, we also smelt a little Boggy!

Well something smells Boggy!
We tried running around to get dry but it didn't seem to work very well, we still remained smelly and black bog up to our tummies!

Does my Bum look Black on this?
It took OTL a little while to get us into a fit state to go home, can you imagine what The Missus would say if we walked in all wet and smelly?

Holly and me have got that place marked down for a return visit. That is some seriously good common for running and chasing and who knows, OTL may still see his Nightjar yet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Princess)