Sunday, 31 July 2011

F1 and sunshine

Hi Woofers,

D&H here again.

Once again we were up good and early this morning, about four I think it was, we both wanted a wee, so we woke Old Two Legs up with a lick and a woof so he would let us out in the garden.

That done, we went back to bed again and no more woofing until eight when we decided it was time OTL got up. Well he has loads to do, cars to wash, doggies to walk and photos to take.

Talking of photos, we were going through some old photos yesterday and came across a picture of Holly when she a tiny puppy, it was when we were all still with Mum & Dad.

Baby Holly
But look at her now!

OTL is still coughing and sneezing and working his way through the paper tissues!

F1 racing was great, our lads started off well and we thought that there was going to be a one two finish but Lewis missed his chance but Jason stormed through to a well earned first place.

OTL is still suffering and we are missing out on our long runs in the afternoon. We have to go over the football field and chase  a ball about, Holly is not so keen on ball chasing but we did have some fun this afternoon.

OTL threw the ball and Holly and me chased after it, then we had a run around and waited for OTL to come and throw the ball again. As he got close, we picked up the ball and ran off with it, OTL followed us and as he got near again, we would run off again.

It was good fun and at least OTL got a little exercise!

We are off to bed early now 'cos we got to have our 'Shampoo & Set' as OTL calls it, first thing tomorrow morning. He has arranged it so that we are going to look our best when we hit the beaches next week!

Bye bye for now and we will see you tomorrow.

Who knows, we may let OTL take a picture of us looking all super smart and smelling like the top doggies we are!


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 30 July 2011

A day of plans and nothing!

Hello Woofers,

D&H back again!

We got up good and early this morning, woofed Old Two Legs awake and reminded him he had to wash the car and caravan ready for the holiday.

He said that he knew that and unfortunately he could not wash the car unless he can see it and at three thirty in the morning it was still too dark to see the sea gull droppings or the car!

So we let him go back to sleep again!

When he finally woke up again it was eight thirty, nearly midday!

Trouble was, he said he didn't feel too good, it seems he has got a cold, all snotty and headache. So that put paid to the car washing etc.

While OTL was sitting in his office feeling sorry for himself, Auntie Karen arrived with all her card stuff and we ran down to say 'hello'.

She had brought us a present of a chew each and some nibbles, we like Auntie Karen, even if she does keep cats!

We spent the day lounging about and woofing at the neighbours and the birds and Buster who lives next door with his owner.

Holly tried to find a good place to hide her chew, but I always found it!

She was not a happy puppy!

So, she sat down and had a really good chew of it until it was all wet and soggy at both ends, well, even I wouldn't chew on it if it was really soggy!

OTL sort of spent the day doing nothing except drinking tea and blowing his nose!

He has said that he will have a go at the car and caravan tomorrow if he feels better, which we hope he does 'cos we don't want to go away in a dirty car, even if it was us who made it muddy inside!

See you tomorrow and don't forget the F1 racing tomorrow, Brrm Brrm!


Daisy & Holly (and Snotty OTL)!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday with Old Two Legs

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Happy Birthday to Missy who is now old enough to know better, according to OTL!

We've had a fun day today, even if the sun has been hiding behind the clouds.

First of all, I jumped up onto OTL's desk and then got onto the window ledge.

I see a Holly Dog Down There!
The window was open and Holly was in the garden mooching about looking for any new sniff. I stuck my head our and did a little 'Woof', not too loud but enough so that she could hear me.

Woofing at Holly Dog!
She looked behind her, then to the sides and could not see me, that puzzled our Holly, she sat down and began to slowly look all around the garden, expecting me to be hiding behind the bushes or behind the shed.

So I woofed again and did a little whine at the same time.

This time Holly got up and stared to wander around the garden, grumbling to herself, and getting more and more puzzled about why she couldn't see me!

OTL was laughing at us both and Holly heard that and looked up!

That was it, I was chased all over the house by Holly, looking to unscrew my tail!

Later, we went with OTL to post some bits and then to the bank. We sometimes go in the bank with him but as it was Friday we stayed in the car 'cos it might be too crowded with people.

After that, it was down to the New Park again, load of fun chasing the ball and going for a deep paddle. I was showing a Jack Russell where the deep bits were, Holly decided not to have a paddle but went running around with another  Jack Russell who wanted a game of 'chase'.
...and there's a deep bit over there!
Going back to the car is always good 'cos we have a game of 'chase' to help dry me off and of course, Holly and me get into a pretend tussle and OTL says it looks like we are dancing!

Dancing Doggy!
By the time we got back to the car I was all dry and my fur was fluffed up, so, no need for the heated seat!

When we got back The Missus gave us a chew each, I hid mine behind the shed and Holly had started to chew hers, then she fell asleep on top of it, so I sneaked over and pinched it!

I was feeling good about that when I realised that it was not hers, it was mine! The crafty puppy had dug mine up from behind the shed where I had buried it!

As soon as I find where she has hidden hers, I'm going to eat it all, in front of her!

So there!

I'm off to bed now as it's getting late. We have Auntie Karen (Cat Person) coming over tomorrow to play at card making (gassing) with TM, so Holly, OTL and me are off out to wash the car and caravan ready for the holiday!

Bye bye for now.



Thursday, 28 July 2011

A day with little activity

Hello All You Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back again with you!

What a super sunny day it has been here, we've been out in the garden  chasing each other around trying to grab each others tail, woofing at the Postman who was ringing the door bell, but Old Two Legs was in the shower and missed him all together!

That was a shame 'cos the postman was trying to deliver some special socks OTL had ordered up, especially to go walking in the Scottish hills and mountains.

So we had to visit the Post Office at lunch time just to pick up the parcel!

OTL has been working hard today, moving bits of paper around and rattling away on the computer keyboard, he says he's being a good OTL and getting all the paperwork out of the way before the holiday so he can go away and not worry.

Why bother? We don't worry about the paperwork and it has done us no harm!

We reckon it's more fun just laying in the garden catching up on our tans!

Catching up on the Tan!

Holly reckons we will look 'The Business' when we get to the beach!

We have spent the day arguing about a couple of bones OTL gave us, they are filled in the middle with some super tasting stuff that Holly and me have been slowly digging out. Now, we want to take them indoors and enjoy a chew on the sofa, trouble is, TM has got other ideas!

So, we sneak them in, TM catches us and throws the bones out into the garden, we sneak them in again and TM finds them and out they go again!

This evening we managed to get OTL to allow us to bring them into the kitchen, but only as far as the door.

TM has warned him, if she see's the bones in the lounge, both he, us and the bones will be in the garden!

It just seems that we are having a never ending battle and it's great fun!

Bye for now, we're off to bed now, but we may sneak down during the night, just to have a lick of the bones!

I wonder if TM would like a lick of the bones about three in the morning?


Daisy & Holly 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Some days you should stay in or on the Bed!

Hello Woofers!

D&H here again!

First of all, a big 'HELLO' to Neoktvr, a new Follower of this blog. We hope you enjoy our little reports each day!

Mind you, today has not been the most productive day for me. First of all I woke up rather early 'cos I needed a wee, so I made my 'Iwannawee' woof that got The Missus up to let Holly and me out into the garden. No problems there, then it was upstairs to have a cuddle with Old Two Legs before he woke up. A nice and normal start to the day.

I sort of drifted off to sleep next to OTL while Holly had cuddled up to his leg and was snoozing gently.

OTL sort of woke up and brushed his hand across my head which woke me up and made me stretch out full length. Again, no problems with that. Then he sat up and put his legs over the side of the bed , like he does when he is getting up. He then stretched out his hand and stroked my back and shoulders, it felt good, and I stretched a little more. He then moved over and did the same to Holly 'cos she likes to be stroked and does the stretching bit as well.

I knew he would come back and give me another stroke before he got up, he normally gives us two strokes before getting up

So, I thought, be quick, roll over onto your back and he will tickle my tummy, which I just love!

I did a quick flick back of my head and rolled over onto my back...................and fell off the bed!

You know I didn't even have time to yelp before hitting the ground!

I got up and looked across the bed, hoping no one had noticed but both OTL and Holly were laughing their heads off!

In future I think I will take more notice of where the bed edge is before making any more moves!

OTL has been working hard today and we had the accountant over as well for most of the day, so it was a quick run around the football field with TM until OTL went out late this afternoon to do the post, then we got TWO walks, one on the Sea Wall and one by the Riverside Park. Loads of sniffs and a game of chase the ball!

So, this evening it has been a relaxing time, chewing on carrots and snoozing before our 'real' sleep.

So bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Queens of the Castle

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been busy puppies today, first of all we have been making lists of things to take away with us on holiday, sun tan lotion, anti midge spray, spare bones and chews. We even got The Missus to order up a chicken, just to get us up to Scotland, then we can get Venison and Haggis and stuff that they eat up there!

TM has got a load of anti Midge stuff from a shop on the computer, so she should be OK.

We asked what Old Two Legs uses and we found out he uses a skin lotion called 'Oh So Soft', it gets rid of the midges OK but he has to watch out when he's walking down the street 'cos as he says 'it pongs like a Tarts handbag'!

Today we all went out with OTL to see a customer down near Deal on the coast. While he was in talking, we went for a walk with TM over a football field. I thought I sniffed a fox and shot off the side into the hedge and trees. I was having a super time but forgot about which direction I had come from!

I was just about to get worried when I saw a man walking towards me, so I jumped up to ask if he had seen TM or Holly.

He didn't seem to understand what I was saying but he put me on a lead and tried to get in touch with OTL but he had his phone turned off!

To cut a long story short, OTL came out of the building to meet TM who was panicking about loosing me. He walked off to where I ran off and we all met in the road. We thanked the man and I was indeed very pleased to see everyone again.

From there we went down to Deal and had a run along the beach, which was super fun and I reckon the sea tasted different from our beach at home.

It does taste different!
Then OTL walked us all the way to the pier and took a photo from underneath the pier. He says he will have to go back with a tripod and in the evening to get some colour in the sky!

Under the Pier
On the way back along the beach, Holly went sniffing by the fishing boats and was calling out for the fishermen, but no one came out, maybe they were all down the back of the garden digging up worms so they can teach them to swim!

Hello Mr Fisherman?
We came to the Deal Castle and had fun pretending we were both The Queen of The Castle and were telling OTL what to do!

It was good fun, except OTL said he was in charge, not us!

 Spoil Sport!

Queens of The Castle
 We had a snooze most of the way home and were dreaming of our dinner tonight, chicken and biscuits and a mug of OTL's dinner as well!

Most of the evening was spent chasing each other up and down the stairs until we decide it was bed time!

OTL had put our beds out, so, off we went to bed and dream of our holiday fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 25 July 2011

Why me?

Hello Woofers!

It's me and her again.

Another sunny day here in North Kent, loads of fun chasing around the house, mugging Old Two Legs for some snacks!

OTL was going out to deliver some bits, so we joined him. On the way out to the car we smelt Hissin Chrissie, who was hiding in our conifer tree, so we shot inside woofing and growling and she ran out the other side and across the green towards her home. Then we saw she slowed down, she had seen that we were on the lead and couldn't chase her!

That's what she thinks.

OTL opened the car and unclipped me from the lead yoke and quick as a flash, I spun around on my tail and shot off after that cat. Having gained a good few yards on me she was walking along as though she owned the neighbourhood, that was untill she heard my 'War Cry'!

She flew across the grass and up a tree. There she was hanging from a small branch with here tail all drooping down and a wide eyed look on her face trying to work out if it was Holly or me chasing her. You see, she knows Holly can climb trees!

Luckily for her it was me and double lucky OTL was close behind to pick me up and take me back to the car, even if I was 'Grumbling' all the way back!

At lunch time we went down to the Sea Wall again and had a run after the rabbits, who got away, again!

It's just not my day for catching things, even if I do come close sometimes!

OTL got the ball out and Holly and me had a game. This new ball bounces very well and we have a go at heading it back to OTL, trouble is, some times we miss the ball and run into each other!

OK, on me head son!
Holly is always calling for it 'on her head' but like me, she mostly misses!

We met up with a hairy Retriever who chased me around until I managed to jump on OTL's shoulders, so he went off to say hello to Holly.

Hello Miss Holly!
Holly said he was a nice dog but not really her type!

Off we went agin chasing the ball, when, I jumped up to catch it in my mouth and missed. Instead I caught it with my nose and knocked it towards the sea, trouble was, there was no sea, just sand, covering thick black mud!

Yep! In I went, after the ball, right up to my elbows and beyond!

I was a Yucky Puppy!

It didn't smell too good either, sort of rotting stuff and gas!

I managed to get back onto the beach but I knew that there was a bath or wash coming before long!

I feel a bit Yucky!
It would have been alright if the tide was in, I could have had a paddle and washed it all off, instead it sort of dried a bit and stuck to me!

Even after a run through the grass that normally dries me off, I still looked very messy!

Still Yucky!
We got back home and I was marched out to the garden where I got a blast of the water hose, not a favourite thing of mine! Then it was the warmish bowl of water with OTL washing me all over my legs and tummy.

The only good bit about that was, he got just as wet as me 'cos I struggled a bit and sloshed water all over him!

When he wrapped me in the towel the water soaked through to his shirt as well!

Afterwards we had a cuddle and I had a snooze in the day bed in his office!

Tonight it was chicken for dinner and Holly and me afterwards spent a good couple of hours on OTL's bed having our 'after dinner snooze' before going down to see if we can mug OLT for a bit of shortbread.

Have we got this organised or wot?

After that it is off to bed, 'cos we are supposed to be up early in the morning as OTL has got to visit a customer and he has hinted we will be near the coast, so that means a sandy beach, with a bit of luck!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 24 July 2011

F1 racing around the garden!

Hello Woofers,

It's us again!

We woke up this morning to some super sun shine and were so pleased we just had to share our happiness with Old Two Legs and The Missus!

Off we went upstairs and jumped onto the bed and gave them both a 'Good Morning' ear lick. OTL mumbled something about it being Sunday and five in the morning!

Funny old OTL, he does like a joke in the morning!

We had a super breakfast, TM cooked us some liver and then grated a carrot on top just to add a little colour!

She has got into this herb stuff and OTL is getting plant stuff on most of his meals now, he says it's OK but some of it starts his hay fever off!

The F1 Race was super, Hamilton won and poor old Jenson had to drop out with hydraulic problems. There were some exciting overtaking and Webber lost out on a place due to a slow wheel change!

Holly and I played at F1 racing and made up a circuit that involved going behind the sofa, through the stairs and around the garden and behind the shed!

After that OTL says 'Walk anyone?', that was it, we were in the car quicker than you could say Stirling Moss!

Off we went to the New Park and straight down to the swimming hole.

 There were loads of other doggies there, just 'cos it was a hot day, everyone wanted to go in for a swim!

A Deep Paddle for Daisy

I did my 'deep paddle' trick and Holly just had a paddle. They were all woofing and fetching balls and splashing about.

Loads of splashing

OTL decided that it was getting too busy, so off we went to the Orchard bit of the park, this is a big long path that goes around in a circle, so Holly and I called it the New Park Ring instead of the Nuremberg Ring and we played at motor racing along the path.

New Park Ring

When we came to a seat we stopped to have a 'pit stop' and catch our breath.

A quick Pit Stop

Then when we got all the way around, OTL took a picture of the winners on the Winners Podium, the only thing we didn't have was a bottle of bubbly water to splash over OTL!

Winners Podium!

Today TM has been playing with her new cooking pot and we heard her telling OTL that she was making something called 'Cockle Van' and he'd better like it or he would be in deep poo!

So we let him eat his dinner without too much mugging and we all said that TM's Cockle Van smelt wonderful and could we have some as well to mix with our doggy biscuits.

She said 'no' 'cos it was too rich to give us doggies, but OTL did manage to scrape some of the gravy into our bowls and it tasted OK mixed with our liver and carrots!

The only thing we couldn't find was the Cockles, maybe OTL finished them off before scraping the gravy into our bowls.

It wasn't until TM did a bit of plate scraping that we got some chicken, that was it, it was some sort of chicken dish.

Well, me and Holly decided that we prefer the real chicken straight from the bone, none of this fancy Cockle Van stuff thanks!

OK, we're off to bed now, got a lot to do tomorrow, you see we're starting to get ready our holiday stuff!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 23 July 2011

F1 Qualifying, sun shine and a good run.

Hi Ho Woofers,

It's us back again.

The sun shine has returned, we went out for a run around the football field this morning and had a great time chasing each other until a great big Labrador arrived on the scene and let OTL throw a ball for him.

I know the ball was his but when OTL threw it, I rushed after it as well but I was not quick enough and when the Labrador chased me away I got worried and did my 'Puppy Yelp' which is supposed to say 'I'm only a puppy don't bite me!'

Trouble was, when he got too close I turned around and gave him a growl and a snap, which sort of blew the 'Little Puppy' trick!

It was OK in the end, he went chasing the ball and I went off and sniffed around for foxes!

Holly didn't seem so impressed with the Labrador, she said he was a big puppy who only wanted to chase balls, not very sophisticated like wot she is!

Holly likes sitting in between OTL and The Missus when we go out and OTL managed to get this picture of her having a peek out the front window!

Looking out the front, with OTL on Holly's right!

A little later we  out to deliver some stuff and we went to the New Park via the Doggy Shop where Old Two Legs brought a new bag of balls and some doggy nibbles for our holiday. He also brought a Ring Frisbee that he says will be fun to throw so we can chase it, not too sure about that one!

The balls were much harder than before and a little harder to 'Muller' but we will give them a good go!

AND, I got a new bed 'cos I seem to have flattened the present one by laying on the bed walls, that means that Holly and me fall out of the bed when we use it, especially if we have 'running and chasing' dreams!

We went down to the New Park again and were seriously impressed with a Big Labrador who instead of running into the water from the ramp where Holly and me go for a paddle, he went over the bridge and jumped in from there!

Have a look at these pictures, not the most elegant but wot a show off!

Launch Pad
Clearing Launch Tower
Huston we have a Problem!
Splash Down!
We thought that this was so much fun, Holly said that I should have a go like that instead of just paddling from the shore.

My reply was in the Negative and the second word was OFF!

We got back home and watched the F1 Qualifying round that was very good, Hamilton is in second place tomorrow, so, claws crossed, we should have a good race.

I'm off to try out my new bed, so bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 22 July 2011

Sunshine, Clouds and F1 Practice!

Hi Woofers,

D&H here again.

First of all we have all got to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Michael who is now looking out for his first wage packet as a 'Professional Layabout'

Happy Birthday Michael!
We did our Happy Birthday song this morning but The Missus told us to be quiet or we will wake the street up!

We watched the F1 practice and Holly fell asleep 'cos the noise of the engines seem to sing a lullaby to her and her eyes just close and before you know it, she's snoring, just like Old Two Legs!

After the practice we went off to the caravan shop to get a few things we need for the holiday and OTL had a look at a new caravan but as TM says, 'it's still not a patch on our one'!

Phew! I think OTL got away with that!

Off we went to the Lakes. Now we don't often get down here unless we take The Boys as well, so it made a change to take OTL and TM, especially as we have to pay a parking fee to park the car, robbery OTL calls it!

I go chasing rabbits.
As soon as we were off the lead, Holly and me rushed off to find some rabbits to chase, at first I saw one and rushed after it but lost it in the bushes, it was only OTL calling me that stopped me digging deeper into the rabbit hole!

Me and Holly chasing rabbits!
A little while later both me and Holly spotted another rabbit and we went after that one like rockets on legs, a real four wheel drive puppy!

By the time we decided the rabbit was lost, we both were very hot and thirsty, so it was good that the lake was so close, we both had a drink and then I flopped down for a cooling rest.

Cool Doggies!
As we were enjoying a rest up came this enormous Greyhound called Maximilian, but everyone calls him Max.

We said 'Hello' and watched him as he paddled out into the water to cool his legs.

Maximilian being real cool!
Max said that he was good at posing for the camera 'cos it was built into his genes, 'cos he comes from a long line of Regal Greyhounds. To prove it he stood in front of OTL and posed while OTL took some pictures.

My Best Side!
First of all he started off with what he called his 'Best Side'. This he said makes him look alert and ready for the hunt. Trouble was he never really could get excited about hunting, just too much effort!

This is my 'Moody Look'
Then he did his 'Moody' pose, he says this one drives all the Greyhound Bitches wild. Holly said it didn't do anything for her!

Wanna Play?
We walked on for a bit and listen to him talk about his family of Super Stars at the race track and how he was the Black Sheep 'cos he didn't like to run too much. Then he said, Wanna Play and went of at a slow trot down the path saying this was called 'Chase'.

Holly says she runs faster than that and does he have a second gear?

Max thought that was funny and laughed all over his face.

You are funny puppies!
He said that if he started to run it would take him a mile just to slow down and he was just being kind to us 'cos we had short legs.

We agreed that his legs were long and would possibly go faster than us, if he ever decided to run!

On the way back to the car we came across some Greylag Geese, Holly and me wanted to say hello but OTL put us on the lead so we couldn't chase the geese.

Holly was sniffing like mad, she had never been so close to a goose before and wanted to know if they smelt like chicken, trouble was, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction!

....and I say the DO taste like chicken!

Off to home and just in time for some chicken dinner and a snooze before we go to bed for the night.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rainy Day

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again,a little wet and damp but enjoying every moment!

We were up good and early this morning, about three thirty to be exact. Holly heard a burglar outside the window and decided to woof him away, I joined in and by the time Old Two Legs woke up the burglar had run off, so we told OTL to go back to sleep again 'cos we were 'On Duty' and he was safe!

The Missus didn't see it that way and went into 'Grumbly Mode' and showed off!

There's no pleasing some people!

We went with OTL in his car to take the small car in for a service and MOT, then as we were so near, off to the New Park where we ran and chased the ball all the way around the swimming hole.

I went for a paddle and Holly just got her paws wet, (she's not really into this swimming lark)!

Off we went with TM to do some shopping and Holly, OTL and me stayed in the car waiting for TM.

OTL switched on the heated seat for me so I can get dry 'cos he forgot the towel to dry me down.

We got home just in time for lunch and horror upon horror, OTL left us with TM while he went off to do some work!

When he came back after a couple of hours, we ran down stairs and welcomed him home, he got down on his knees and I jumped onto his shoulders and licked his ears, Holly stayed on the floor and licked his glasses off and cuddled him under his chin. (He likes that!)

Then off we all went again to pick up the small car! TM went home while OTL took Holly and me back to the New Park again, for more ball chasing, or Mullering as OTL calls it!

On the way there we could see a very big black cloud and it had loads of rain falling from it, OTL says it was going away from us but when we got to the park we could see it was in fact coming towards us!

Storm's heading this way!
So, it was a quick run and chase and run and chase the ball, a wee and then another ball chase until we got to the Swimming Hole where OTL tossed the ball in for me to swim out and get it, trouble was, it sank!

I could see it on the floor but my legs were not long enough to get to it and I didn't fancy diving that far down, so we left it to the fishes to play with.

I can see it but it's too far down!
There was another dog called Oscar who was chasing me and he was just getting on my nerves, woofing and sticking is nose up my tail without being invited, so I woofed at him and when that didn't work, I growled and snapped at him.

I'm warning you, Keep Away!
His owner soon got the message and he was put on his lead, that will teach him to be more polite next time!

We headed back to the car and got back just in time, as we got in after OTL had given us a rub down with the towel, the rain just poured down, I mean, it even washed the dried seagull poo off the bonnet of the car!

On the way home OTL switched on the heated seat again and put the towel on the seat and I had a lay down on the towel. It was great all warm and cuddly. It soon dried me off and I was just right by the time we got home.

Chicken tonight, plus a bit of doggy food and later we mugged OTL for some short bread.

By the way, nearly forgot, Holly and me also got a carrot each!

Serious fun!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Own Up!

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Now, sit still and pay attention, someone has nicked the sun shine!

I want who ever it was to put it back, today, or Holly and me are going to do some serious investigations!

You think the Murdoch's had it tough, just wait till we start, and it will be no shaving foam with us!

We got up this morning, and went out to the garden for an early morning dip in the pool and the sun had gone! Holly swore she scared a couple of Penguins out of the pool before I got there, it was that cold!

We had to miss out on our morning swim!

Worse still, The Missus had emptied the pool and stored it behind the shed! All there was left was a big damp patch where it had been!

We had to spend all morning sleeping either in our 'day bed' or on Old Two Legs bed, such hard work!

Lunch time and we went for a walk with OTL along the Sea Wall, chasing the ball and woofing at the sea birds!

After a spot of lunch, chicken strips, we set off to collect The Boys from school. It was good to see them again and we had a good game when we got back to the house, chasing around the garden and woofing at the boys and chasing around the kitchen and back out into the garden again!

This evening we helped OTL have a nibble of shortbread while he sampled the malt whisky, he does love his whisky you know!

When it was time to go out for a we before going to bed, it was pouring down again, so out we went, turned around and went back in side in double quick time!

We've got to get up early tomorrow 'cos the small car has to go in for it's yearly service and MOT. So, early to bed for us all.

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sun Shine Day

Hello Woofers!

It's us again with some sun shine!

What a wonderful day today, sun shine and a little cloud. Holly and me have been in the garden catching up with our tan. Then we go and find out what Old Two Legs is doing up in the office.

The Tesco man delivered a big tin pot for The Missus, she says it's a 'Cast Iron Casserole Dish' and it's for cooking super Casseroles. OTL says it's made of cast iron just to make sure she doesn't destroy it when she cooks with it. OTL reckons that TM is the only one he knows that manages to get the cooking pots to glow cherry red when she's cooking!

We think he's living on borrowed time!

We went for a walk down by the Sea Wall and we saw some fishermen getting set up. Holly reckons that they would have some sandwiches we could mug, so, bold as brass, up she goes and woofs at them!

Oi! Gotanysandwiches?
It was so embarrassing, all they did was laugh!

So, she went up to the next fisherman on the beach and asked the same question!

He just laughed as well!

Holly was not a happy puppy. We had a game with the ball OTL had brought with him and we played chase up and down the wall. 

We walked along the beach and I decided to go for a paddle, I left the ball on the beach and pretended to swim, Holly blew Raspberries and called me a cheat for not taking my feet up of the bottom!

It was then that I had a brilliant idea, I would try some surfing, but I didn't have a surf board. I had a good serious think and decided that I would surf in on my Tummy!

Surf Babe!
Holly had a good laugh and said I looked like a drown pussy cat and nothing like a Surfing Doggy!

You wait, I'll get better and show her when we go to Scotland for our holidays!

As we went along the beach, we came across a man having a look at the empty sea shells trying to work out the best bait to use for fishing, Holly and me crept up behind him and went BOO!

He just turned around and said 'Woof' to us, which had us all laughing!

We decided he was a 'Nice Man'

Holly was saying she felt hot and a little tired and as OTL and me played 'chase the ball' Holly was slowly walking up the path like a Princess, well, that was her description!

Holly strolling up the path, all lady like!
Tomorrow we're off to see The Boys, so it's an early night for us.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tired Puppies Today!

Hi Woofers,

It's us again! However, I wouldn't say we were the most active puppies around!

After the last two days spent at the Kent County Show, we have missed out on a lot of sleep, so today we are making up for it. Holly and I had to be woken up this morning by Old Two Legs and The Missus!

We were both zonked out, in our beds, having dreams about the show.

When we finally woke up enough to talk, I told Holly that I had dreamt we were at the show, running around with the flock of sheep, chasing the Not Not Neddies so that they jumped over the fences that the horses were jumping over earlier.

All the sheep were woofing and the Not Not's were quacking like ducks!

Holly said she dreamt she was in charge of the Venison Burger Stand and was cooking loads of burgers for everyone, she was so busy she didn't even have time to eat one herself and a big Stag was standing by the till shouting out to her, cook more, More MORE!

Holly said it was not so much a dream but rather a nightmare!

Lunch time we were still so tired we didn't even have much of our lunch, (liver & biscuits), but we did have a chase after the ball that OTL threw when we went for a walk around the football field.

Later on we went down to the New Park, we were both feeling a little less tired, but not too energetic, so we chased the ball and when we got to the swimming hole I decided to go in for some 'Deep Paddling' rather than swimming.

Me doing 'Deep Paddling'
It was while I was doing this that OTL tossed the ball in for me to fetch, however, as Holly an' me had Mullered it on the way down, it sank!

So, taking a deep breath, I ducked under the water and got it back!

I can see it!

Then I said....

Got it!
We ran off into the grass to get dry and after all that, we lost the ball. It sort of fell into two halves and Holly had one half that she put down when she found a good sniff and I put my half down to help her find her half and couldn't remember where I had left it!

So we declared it as 'Gone' and we will have to get OTL to get another one for us to play with.

Hello Scruffy!
On the way back to the car, we bumped into Scruffy, Holly said 'hello' and they had a game of chase for a short while, then his master called him and he had to go.

On the way home we both fell asleep on the front seat of the car, we were still worn out from the show.

We hear that OTL has got some Hot & Spicy Venison Sausages tonight, so we're looking forward to mugging him for a nibble, or two!

I wish the sun would come back, then we can have a play in the paddling pool in the garden.

Holly wanted to buy a plastic duck for the pool but we couldn't find a stand that sold them.

We're going to have an early night tonight, OTL says he is going to have one as well, after he has tasted a drop of the malt whisky he still has in the decanter!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday at The Show

Hello Woofers,

It's us back again.

Today we have been to the Kent County Show again with Old Two Legs and The Missus.

It was fun parking the car 'cos there were loads of men in yellow waist coats waving their arms about directing OTL to where he should park, of course we joined in and woofed at every one of those men and they were laughing at us, especially when Holly tried to steer the car and woof at the same time!

We went in and said hello to the Reindeer who said they were getting fed up with the visitors looking at them and trying to stroke their noses. Holly said she knew all about sore noses!

Next stop was the Main Ring where there were some horses chasing around trying to jump fences and knock the poles off.

On a Charge!
We did our cheering bit every time a pole went down but they didn't seem to appreciate it!

So, off we went to the horse drawn carriage competition. We picked the best one there and said it was the most useful, a machine for scraping up horse poo!

A Horse Drawn Horse Poo Scraping Machine!
The next ring we went to had small horses pulling carts around at a very high speed. Holly and me were seriously impressed with that!

Charging for Home!
It was super to see how the horses seemed always to keep in step with each other, it must take loads of practice.

In step with each other!
Holly and me tried that as we dragged The Missus and OTL off towards the Bambi Burger Stand, left right, left right, wiggle tail, left right, left right!

After lunch we went back to the big ring and TM went off shopping with OTLs wallet!

We saw four packs of fox hounds running around the ring together. They looked super fit and they were lead by a Whipper In. He is the one in charge of the pack, just like OTL!

A Whipper In doing his whipping in bit!
It was wonderful to see so many dogs together at one time and they all set off for a run around the ring, just to show off!

Off for a pretend fox hunt.
After that the Whipper In's rode down the field blowing their special type of whistle, OTL said it was a Hunting Horn, I said that I had seen deer with horns and they looked much bigger that those and anyway they sound more like a Raspberry!

No whistle, just a raspberry!
It was just after we left the ring that the rain came down, so we rushed into the Flower Tent. Now, OTL suffers from Hay Fever, and if it's not grass then it's flowers that set him off sneezing. So why does he want to wander around the flower hall?

Looking down a flowers throat!
 He took some pictures of the flowers and managed to get out again before he started to sneeze!

Pretty Red Flower
When we looked outside again it was still raining!

Getting wetter!
So we went back inside and had a sit down, which was not all bad, you see, we had not had our 'After get up snooze' nor had we had our 'Mid morning snooze' and we missed out on our 'Lunch time snooze' plus our 'After lunch snooze' was missed as well. So we felt like a couple of tired little puppies and OTL said that we should head off for home before the serious rain started, which was OK by us!

Tired Little Puppies!
We got home in time for dinner, followed by a sooze before heading off to bed!

Bye bye for now and se you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly