Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No rain and a headache for the Goldfinch!

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you again!

We have been busy little puppies today, first of all we were up and out for our morning walk with The Missus. She took us over The Fields, and as we had been in doors most of yesterday, we had a load of spare energy to get rid off! It was fun tearing along the paths and over the fields.

A bit later Old Two Legs had to visit the Accountant, so we tagged along and afterwards we went down the Riverside. The tide was out so we had time to have a close look at the 'Rusty Bucket' which has been left on the beach. Holly thinks we should re float it and sail the seven seas as pirates!

Inspecting 'The Rusty Bucket'
We then went further to the Old Fort, well, we call it the Fort 'cos it is the remains of an old building and we pretend it is a Fort!

This time we were attacking the Fort and driving out all the Pirates who had over run the Fort since we were here last!

The Last Pirate!
We go back home to a good lunch of liver and biscuits and a bit of OTL's toast, to be followed by an 'after lunch snoozett', until it was time to go out for our afternoon game on the football field!

We enjoy that run out 'cos we get to chase a ball and each other around the field. Even OTL joins in and tries to chase Holly or me, depending on who has the ball. We sometimes let him catch us and get the ball, well, if we didn't he would start to show off and want to go back home!

We got back after the games and was sitting down watching a bit of television and were all drifting off to sleep when we were awoken by a big 'THUMP' on the window.

Holly and me were both up and woofing in a flash, not too sure of what we were woofing at. Then OTL spotted what had caused the big thump.

It was a young Goldfinch that had flown into the window!

It was on the floor outside the window, all knocked out and not moving and with its eyes closed.

Ouch! That Hurt!
Holly and I were watching it from the window and I said that I should go out and give it a good licking to make it feel better. Holly asked if it tasted like chicken!

Does it taste like chicken?
OTL said that we should leave it for a while to see what happens. Well, I started to get worried and kept pawing at the back door so I could go out and give it a 'get better' lick.

OTL said it would not be a good idea to let me out while the bird was on the ground, so he got a cardboard box and our towel, put the box on its side on top of the garden table and folded the towel so it would fit into the box. He then picked up the Goldfinch and put it on the towel.

He said the bird had its eyes open and struggled a bit when he picked it up, so, there was a good chance it would recover!

What Hit Me?
We were then let out into the garden and Holly and me had a sniff around were it had been on the floor, Holly reckons she could smell chicken!

After dinner, OTL went out to have a look at the bird but it had gone, flown away to join its mates.

OTL said it was a bit much, we had gone to all that trouble to help the Goldfinch and before it flew off, it had done a poo on the towel!

We don't care, just as long as it is able to fly off, then everything is OK by us!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly  (RSPB Family Members)