Sunday, 26 October 2014

Back to Real Time Again!

Hello Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

Now, paws up all those who didn't put their clocks back last night?

Yes, we thought so, there is always one who forgets!

We have those automatic, radio controlled clocks that go back automatically, so we're OK!

Except for the clock in the car and an old analogue clock that The Missus keeps on the kitchen wall.

She only keeps it 'cos the colour matches the toaster, deep red!

The ferrets are glad to be back to real time 'cos they wake up when the sun comes up, or when Old Two Legs turns on the office light. Getting up with the sun is OK but the office light is a real shocker!

Now that real time is back, they get up with the sun and Miss Snowflake isn't so grumpy in the morning!

On our morning walk, Miss Snowflake fell out of the ferret bag onto the beach and rushed off down to the waters edge for a wee, trouble was, she stepped into the mud and ended up with a muddy tail and a muddy butt!

This feels a bit soggy!
 Poor Miss Snowflake, there she was trying to look her best and she ends up with a 'Grubby Butt'

No, it's not Funny!
We all had a snigger but was glad it was her and not us!

Mind you, Holly had a Grubby Butt as well, so when we got back to the car OTL had his work cut out cleaning both Holly and Snowflake!

We had a lazy morning 'cos it is Sunday and that's what Sundays are for!

OTL was playing about of the computer trying to find the materials to re do the bathroom floor after the plumber had ripped it all up searching for that leak!

We left him to it 'cos it looked all very technical!

Lunch time we were out along the Sea Wall again and came across this.

Now, is it the number six?

Number 6?
Turn it anti clockwise once and it could be a snail, or, if you turn it again, it could be the number nine and turn it once more and you have a whizzy looking Wheelchair!

There, on the other paw, it could just be pretty pattern!

Ever decreasing circles!

Tonight it looks like Doggy Scoff for us and OTL has been searching the freezer for something to cook and has pulled out a couple of TM's 'Home Made Burgers' which are a little dangerous 'cos you never know what she puts in them!

These look 'Meaty' with some other stuff we are not sure, but OTL gets first taste and if he doesn't fall off the chair clutching his throat or stomach, we will have a little mug!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.