Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Sun! It's the Sun Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here and what a day!

We were up good and early this morning, mainly because The Missus wanted to get down stairs and work on a new design she had a dream about!

Well, off she went and we tried to get back to sleep but Old Two Legs was snoring his head off so that stopped us from continuing our sleep. So, up on the bed we got and a big cold nose in the ear is what OTL got!

That stopped him snoring and allowed us to start our 'After Wake Up Snooze'!

Of course, we were down The Sea Wall a bit earlier and Holly was a bit worried! 'OTL' she called out, 'What's this black thing sticking to my paws?'

Wot's this?
OTL called her a 'Silly Puppy' and told her that was her shadow and it was caused by the sun shining!

Holly took some time to settle down 'cos she hadn't seen her shadow for such a long time!

I must say, it was good to see my shadow was still there as well!

We had a game with OTL, he was on the beach and both Holly and I had fun chasing each other around on the sand. Holly even got hold of the ball and buried it, then she settled down on her tummy and said to OTL that she didn't know where the ball was!

OTL said he didn't believe her and Holly wondered what had given her away!

Wot! Me?
Then off we went again, all three of us chasing each other around on the beach, but I must say, OTL was not as fast as us!

Holly said that she fancied the idea of training to be a ballet dancer 'cos she says she has the grace and skill you need to be really good at ballet!

She said that OTL would have to get a 'Barre' so she could do all her exercises and just to show us how good she was, she showed us some moves using the breakwater as a Barre!

....and then Point!
I just couldn't stop myself from laughing, in fact I just had to run away or I'd have fallen into the sea!

That was it, Holly got all upset and chased me all along The Sea Wall while OTL took a picture of the sun beams!

Well, whatever turns you on!

Sun Beams!
Back home to a super chicken breakfast and off to snooze the morning away!

We went out to The New Park in the afternoon but OTL didn't take his camera, he forgot it! So you will have to imagine you see pictures of us chasing a couple of Westies and us saying 'Hello' to a Bozo Labrador who only wanted to chase his ball!

Back home OTL let Snowflake out and she had a great time running all over the office and OTL even took her into the garden to have a sniff of the fresh air!

She said it was 'interesting' to have a sniff but she'll wait until it gets warmer before she  asks to get down on the ground!

Roll on the warm weather 'cos we have been told that ferrets like a splash about as well! Holly says we can all go 'Skinny Dipping' in the pond!

Holly and Skinny don't go together but I didn't say anything 'cos Holly only does 'Paddling' and that is as far as her knees!

Did you know, when she had her first Shampoo & Set, she asked for a life jacket to be handy, just in case!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake