Monday, 16 April 2012

Do we look good or Do We Look Good!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a sunny Monday!

We had a bit of a late night last night, Old Two Legs was up playing with his pictures on the computer, so Holly and I had fun pinching each others chews and grumbling at each other!

In the end, OTL gave up on the pictures and put us to bed around midnight!

We had almost forgot, we had to be up early so we can get a walk before going to have our fur done!

So, there we were, seven forty five, off to the Sea Wall. It was a bit blowy and there was still a chill in the air. We chased a couple of rabbits and had fun chasing each other up and down the Sea Wall.

OTL then asked us to pose so he could take a 'Before & After' picture of us.

We didn't really fancy having our picture taken, seeing as how we looked a bit of a Scruff Bag!

OTL kept telling us to 'Sit' and 'Stay', which we did, right up to the moment he got the camera up to his eye, then one of us would stand up or look the other way or run up to him and lick his nose!

No, we Won't Smile for the camera!

You know, we didn't even get our breakfast!

As soon as our walk was finished, off to the Poodle Parlour we went and OTL left us with the lady who gives us our Shampoo & Set!

I won't bore you with the details, but in the end we came out all looking super good and smelling like The Missus's make-up cupboard, PHeeeeeW!

We got home and had our breakfast and a little snooze before telling OTL we wanted our walkies!

We were wandering along, as we do, when a humping big black Labrador came crashing through the bushes and scared Holly so much that she Yelped like I do when I get scared.

The Labrador was called off by his owner, so I stood there and gave him a really loud and long howling sort of Woof!

Me, Doing The Woof!


I went on for so long that OTL had to put me on my lead so he could keep me quiet!

Well, try to keep me quiet!

We got told to 'sit and stay' again so he could take another picture and this time we kept fidgeting about, as normal!  Poor OTL, he just was not having a good day!

Still being a Fidget!

Back home we spent some time catching up on our snoozing, a girl needs her snoozing time you know, it's not all shampoo and curlers!

Not sure what is on the menu tonight but Holly says it's Lambs Heart and she should know!

See you tomorrow and we may even find some mud to roll in, just to wind OTL up!


Daisy & Holly