Thursday, 17 February 2011

Poor Holly!

Hello All,

Daisy back again!

Thanks for all your get well cards!

I'm back and eating almost as normal again, I still feel 'delicate' but I'm on the mend.

Holly on the other hand has not been well yesterday. Very upset tummy and in need of running out to the garden every couple of hours.

Old Two Legs has got some medicine for her and is trying to get her to take it with a small bit of food.

He's tried getting her to lick it off his finger, on chicken, small crust of bread and even in a small spoon of ice cream. Holly was having none of that. So, in the end he had to squirt it down the side of her tongue so she'd swallow it!

Holly was not impressed with that, but understood that OTL was trying to make her better.

After a long night of back and forwards to the garden, Holly, me and OTL felt it was safe to go to bed at two thirty this morning!

After we woke up this morning Holly says she feels much better and even enjoyed a chicken and rice breakfast! I know the vet says we should have 'bland food', but I just love this stuff. Do you think The Missus could feed me on this 'bland food' all my life?

TM has decided that she will not take us to meet The Boys from school today, just in case we have an 'accident' on the path outside the school, very embarrassing!

That of course means that we stay at home and have games with OTL teaching him to sing more doggy songs and we get to go out for a walk and say hello to the Neddy's again!

Hello Neddy's!
 See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly