Friday, 8 July 2011

It's Friday Again!

Hi to all you Woofers!

D&H Back with you again.

It was a bit cloudy this morning but we went out with The Missus for a walk across the Fields. When we got back, Old Two Legs gave us a brush and Holly got her medicine to make her nose better.

Her nose seems to be doing OK now, the skin has dried up and it looks as good as new, under the fur and damaged skin that is falling off gradually.

We did our normal thing of sleeping in our day bed in OTL's office. Around midday he got some bits ready and put his boots on, which is a sign that we are off out and maybe going on our 'adventure', but this time he just gave us a cuddle and told us to 'sit & stay' then waved 'goodbye' as he went out the front door,on his own!

We were not happy puppies, in fact we were both upset and had a little woof and whine, but he didn't come back to pick us up.

So, we had a look around and saw that TM was having lunch, so we mugged her for a nibble!

When OTL did come back, we all had a lick and a cuddle and then he got our lead out, good sign that is, and into the car we went.

Next stop, The New Park.

All the way there Holly and me tried to get OTL's pocket open 'cos we knew that he had the ball in there, Holly got fed up after a mile or so but I kept on scratching at his coat and woofing at him, but he kept it in his pocket saying that he wanted it to arrive at the park, 'Un-Mullered'

We got to chase that ball all over the place, on the way we met up with a new dog, Dilly, who looked rather long in the leg. Holly called her Silly Dilly, but only when she was far enough away!

Dilly Dog
 Holly, being all big and brave, or stupid as I like to think, went up to Dilly and did the doggy dance, you know, the one where we circle each other until we get a good sniff!

Doggy Dance!
After that we chased the ball again on the grass and on the path until we got to the Swimming Hole.

In I went this time, holding it in my mouth, then I put it down and tried to pick it up again.

Come Here And Get Grabbed!!!
I tried and I tried and I tried again but all that happened was I got wetter and my ears got soaked as well!

Waterlogged Lug Holes!
Holly was laughing and I was getting cross with the ball. I mean, on dry land I have no problem pickng it up but as soon as it gets into the water either my mouth gets smaller or the ball gets bigger!

I was not a happy puppy!

In fact I was so cross, I picked it up, ran onto the grass and wee'd on it saying, now who's wet!

Now who's Wet!!!
No one would pick it up for a while, OTL just kicked it and Holly went of sniffing fence posts!

Later we met another doggy with the same problem, tennis balls, he said the best thing he ever found to do was to rip the little devils into small bits!

I just rip their heads off!
Holly said that was a good idea and helped me give it the final Mullering before leaving it under the Poo Bin!

Holly and me had good snooze on the way back and dreamt of chicken and  biscuits for dinner.

We had our adventure after all and we may even get out again tomorrow if the rain holds off!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly