Friday, 20 June 2014

Another Hot Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

This morning it wasn't so hot when we went out for our morning constitutional, a sort of 'Cloudy but still warm' if you know what I mean!

The tide had started to go out, so no swimming, but I reckon in a couple of days or so it should be deep enough for a splash!

Miss Snowflake was having fun pretending she was a 'Sniffer Dog'!

She started off by investigating the sniffs on the beach, approaching from 'Up Wind' as Holly had taught her.

She said that she could sniff a Woofer!

Mmmmmmmm, Woofer!
Then she followed the sniff along the beach until, there, sprawled all over the sand, was a Woofer!

Right says Miss Snowflake, I know what to do when I find a Woofer on the Sand!

She crept up, slowly and quietly, with no rustling the lead and at the very last moment she went ........

Well, that scared the Tail off of Holly Dog who was relaxing and trying to catch a few rays!

Mr Brambles said that he was 'Keeping Out of Trouble' and instead tried to scramble up the sea shell cliff but as fast as he was moving his legs the faster the sea shells were falling down the cliff face!

In the end he gave up and climbed up the Rock Face saying it was 'Easier'!

This is just too much like hard work!
Back home we had Ox Heart again, super stuff! It seems that The Missus cooked too much yesterday so we got the second half today!

We're not complaining, anything is better than Doggy Scoff!

Well, while we were eating our Ox Heart, OTL sneaked out, arms full of stuff and he disappeared!

It was not the result we wanted, we wanted a run in the New Park, a swim in the Swimming Hole and a roll in something really smelly!

OTL got back about one thirty, so after a 'Hello Lick' we shoved him into the car and off to the Sea Wall again!

This time he took all his Macro stuff and a tripod, he is still looking for a good Soldier Beetle shot but today, they were all hiding!

Mind you, we met up with Oscar again and he told us that Lady is not his mates name, it is Bonny!

We had been calling her Lady for ages and she was just too polite to tell us off!

Oscar said he was getting on well with his new family and had an 'Episode' with a well matured bone under the TV Cabinet!

He said that he was getting well fed and plenty of exercise and tomorrow he was off to meet some more of the family, a Husky and a couple of Gerbils!

As Holly says 'Whatever turns you on!

Let's face it, we've got to get on with a couple of ferrets!

Now, OTL is still looking for these Soldier Beetles and he set the camera up but nothing, not a decent bug anywhere, so, not to be beaten, he took some pictures of the flowers along the path!

Depth of Field not too good, front in focus but the tip is fuzzy!
 Then he found this one. It was good to see the three stages of the flower. First the bud, then the pollen-producing stamen and then the carpel that has been pollinated!

Three Stages in one shot!
 Down the path a bit we saw this Snowball and next to it was a larger one but this had produced seeds and was waiting for a bit of wind to disperse the seeds.

Producing the seeds.
 It was interesting seeing both stages again!

Waiting for a strong wind!
Then as there were no beetles and worse still, no rabbits, it was back home for a snooze in the shade.

If we get the sun tomorrow, there are two new lily flowers that should bloom. We'll get OTL to take a picture to show you.

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.