Saturday, 2 April 2011

Friday is Chew Day

Hello All,

D&H back again.

We love Friday's 'cos that's the day when the food man calls and brings food for Old Two Legs and The Missus and, if we have been good girls, a new Rawhide Chew for us!

After TM has packed away the food she calls us to her.

Actually, we are only just outside the kitchen door, but we must play the game!

In we charge, to be presented with a single Rawhide Chew. We both grab it and run off, side by side, up stairs to OTL's office. There we growl and grumble at each other until one of us, (normally Holly) gets the chew to herself. After a while we swap over. I'm not sure which is the best, get it first with the 'New Chew Taste' or second with the 'Soggy end chewed to perfection'.

It was a little cloudy to start off with but later when we went out delivering with OTL, the sun poked it's face through the clouds.

On the way back we stopped at the New Park again, OTL and us said 'Hello' to the 'Not Neddies'. We had to shout because they were in a small paddock away from where we saw them last time.

You know, they didn't even acknowledge us!

That's not very polite and Holly said it's well known that Not Neddies are rude really!

Then we went around to the pond there watched Billy showing off and trying to teach us some trick diving moves in the pond, he was really good!

Flying Dog!

Missed the Ball!

Holly said she could do that and went into the water up to her knees, then she declared it was too cold for her to do proper diving and came out again, what a wimp!

Too Cold For Swimming!
We found the Tee Pee and hung around looking for Indians but they must have been out chasing cowboys or a buffalo or even the 'Not Neddies'!

No Indians here!

After all that, it was home for an afternoon snooze in the office until dinner time.

More chicken for dinner tonight and some new super expensive biscuits that are supposed to clean our teeth at the same time!

What a laugh, we clean ours with our own tooth brush and toothpaste that TM got from the Doggy Shop!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly