Monday, 28 November 2011

Frosty or What!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy and Holly here.

We have been doing our job (Guarding) all last night. We did our normal hourly inspection of the perimeters, keeping an eye open for possible intruders. It is a little difficult to keep in step marching up and down the stairs, so we call out numbers to help, you know, hup, two, three, four, Hup! Two, Three, Four and so on.

Holly gets all Sargent Major when we need to stop and turn around. 'Puppy Patrol, Halt! About Face, Turn! One, Two, Three, Four. Forward March, Hup, Two, Three, Four!

It's great fun but sometimes it wakes The Missus up and she has a little grumble to Old Two Legs about 'They're at it Again!'

OTL just turns over and continues sleeping, he knows the security is in good paws!

TM was up early, playing about with her cards and the glue pot, so we stopped the Guarding and went back to bed, until TM called us for our morning walk. You know, it was frosty on the cars this morning, it's the first time we've seen that this autumn, Brrrrrr, winter is on it's way!

The fields were all white with frost and the ground was a little cold on our pads but at least the mud didn't stick to our fur!

It had warmed up a little by the time we went out at lunch time, to the Sea Wall, and we nearly had a rabbit by the tail, but he just got down the rabbit hole before I could grab him. It's the closest I got in a long time!

Holly spotted a Monster swimming just off shore, it was bobbing up and down and Holly reckons it was growling as well!

OTL took a photo and when we zoomed in, we saw it was an old log!

A Real Log & Roll Monster!
Late this afternoon we decided that it was time for a run down the New Park, so a little bullying and a customer who needed shipment today meant that we got OTL moving and a run in the park, in the dark!

Now, a run at night is no bother to us bold puppies and we know just what to do, stick close to OTL!

This time we tried to be big and brave!

Along the path we saw, coming in our direction, was a flashing red light, walking slowly and stopping every so often. Holly started to grumble, then I joined in and we both had a good grumble. The light still kept coming in our direction

I started to walk towards OTL but Holly just stood there, 'Dopey Dog', I thought, what happens if it is a monster?

OTL was calling us, Holly stayed there woofing at the flashing red light, I decided to get OTL between me and the flashing light.

I reckon I'm big and brave, but not stupid!

Holly was woofing big time by now, and even had her tail sticking up straight, (That is 'Serious Holly').

Then out of the dark walked this big Old Labrador with his tongue hanging out and a silly grin on his face!

'Hello Girls!' he said ' Shall I show you the way out?'

Holly laughed, I laughed and OTL laughed and the man holding the dog lead laughed as well!

OTL says that is a good idea to have a light on us at night and said he might get us a bicycle lamp to hang on our collars and a red hurricane light tied to our tails when we go out at night!

Holly and I were not amused!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly