Friday, 29 August 2014

A Marathon Blog Today!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, what a day! We were up a little later than normal 'cos Old Two Legs had been making a pig of himself with the shortbread and the fine bottle of malt whisky Alun had presented him with! So, in the end we left home fifteen minutes late!

We will have to issue him with a warning about this lateness, we can't have any slacking!

Down on the beach we spotted a message some Two Legs had left last night!

Wish You Were Here?
I was trying to work out what it said when I tripped up and banged my nose on a bit of wood that had been washed up onto the beach. So, there I was with a sore nose and watery eyes when Miss Snowflake came up and gave me a kiss on the nose 'Just to make it Better'!

A kiss will make it better!
Back home we got served Doggy Scoff, Yuk! Mind you after last nights King Prawns and Plawn Clackers, we still had full tummy's!

OTL got all his gear together and everyone headed for the front door. Holly and I knew we weren't going to get an invitation 'cos they had been talking about visiting Rochester Castle and to be honest, we didn't fancy having a wander around the castle grounds 'cos we wouldn't be allowed off the lead or in the building!

I hate it when a place is anti-dog! 

Rochester Castle.
The Missus and Alun decided they really didn't fancy climbing all over the castle and sneaked off for a wander around the grounds and ended up getting rained on!

OTL, Glynis and Abby stayed inside the castle and kept dry!

OTL was giving Abby some pointers on the camera operation and also composition. Glynis was standing by an arch and OTL showed how just turning the camera at an angle created a 'Fashion Shot'!

Fashion Model!
Abby was trying to take 'secret' pictures of people and of course OTL, so, OTL started taking pictures of her as well!

We won't show you the ones where she was pulling faces or sticking her tongue out or even pointing her finger at OTL and telling him where he could keep his camera!

 Inside the castle there was loads of 'Frames within Frames'

 The castle was very high and even looked down on Rochester Cathedral!

Rochester Cathedral
 Inside the castle you can see the well and the different floors where they ate and slept and in one room there was the 'Robing Room' which we now call the Loo.

It's a good thing that OTL has a bad sense of smell!

A View from the Dining Hall!
 The spiral staircases were steep and the steps were a bit of a climb!

Going Up!
Looking from the top of the castle you could see the Russian Submarine moored up on the River Medway.

Anyone know the way back to Severomorask?
When they all came back we had a bit of lunch and then waved Bye Bye to Alun, Glynis and Abby as they headed off for home.

OTL went up to do some work but Holly and I had decided we wanted our midday walk so the work had to wait!

Down on the beach the tide was on it's way in so I had a paddle, followed by a dip and I even tried to take a tennis ball away from a Spaniel called Poppy!

No chance, I couldn't get it in my mouth and Poppy soon got it away from me!

Lost to a Big Mouth!
We wandered down the Sea Wall and the tide raced in and it got deep enough for me to have a swim and a chase of the red bone!

Me being a Russian Sub!
I called out to Holly to come and have a swim 'cos the water was rather warm, Holly on the other paw said that I was a 'Right Soppy Woofer' for wanting to get soaking wet!

Wot a Soppy Woofer!
I came out of the water and tried to get Holly to have a game of 'Chase' 'cos she had been very patiently sitting on the sand while I had my swim.

All of a sudden we heard 'Let's Play Chase Girls'!

We spun around to see this big lump of a Bozo thundering up the beach!

Yo Girls! My name is Doug!
 I must admit, I was a bit scared to begin with but we soon found out that we could run faster, turn faster and generally run circles around Doug!

Come on Slow Coach!
 We ran behind OTL and watched Doug come steaming up the beach. We were laughing at the way his face seemed to flop up and down as he ran!

Look, a Skin Changer!
He got called away by his owner and we headed for home as well. I got a good rub down back in the car and OTL spent so long drying me that Holly got a bit jealous and asked OTL to give her a rub down as well, even though she wasn't wet!

Wot a Soppy Puppy!

Back home we had some fun with OTL's new camera and some of the programs or Aps.

This one we thought was fun, OTL's 'Work Station'!

Work Station!

Phew! This has been a long blog today, so many pictures, so many words!

We are off to see if the Doggy Scoff has changed into a big juicy steak and of course, to say 'Hello' to the fairies behind the sofa!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today OTL gets Engineered!

Hi Woofers!

We're here again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Young Abby was going to come out for a walk with us this morning but at the last moment decided that bed was preferable 'cos there was the threat of rain!

By the time we had got down onto the Sea Wall it was all sun shine and fun. It makes a good change from the weather we have had over the last few days!

I just Love the Sun Shine!
 It's amazing how everything changes for the better and it makes us all smile!

Sunshine is Ggggreat!
 We met up with a Bozo and even he was smiling!

Yeah! This is the Life!
 We got left at home while Old Two Legs and everyone else went off to the Royal Engineers Museum for a visit. We didn't mind too much 'cos we were not that keen on visiting. Well, you know how much they would get upset if we did a wee on their parade ground!

When they all came back we were off down the Sea Wall again and you know what, That Abby is as bad as OTL for snapping us on our walks, I mean, every time we looked up from a sniff, click, click, click!

She's doing it again!
 We met up with Oscar and Bonnie who had been for a splash about in the sea, lucky woofers!

Wot? No Ferrets?
 Bonnie was getting a bit tired after her 'Deep Paddle' so she said 'Hello' to OTL then cuddled up to Alun!

Wot a Tart!
Abby was still clicking away at everything she saw and was panicking about missing a shot of Holly doing a wee!

I mean, there is no privacy when she's about!

Oh My Gawd! I missed that one!

 We had a super evening mugging everyone for their Chinese Take-a-Way, especially the King Prawns and the Plawn Clackers!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!