Sunday, 20 March 2016

The First Day of Spring!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and 'Cuddles' Freddy de Ferret!

Well, what a day!

A little chilly to begin with but it brightened up later in the day.

We saw on the computer that this day is officially the First Day of Spring! So, does that mean the weather will be warm and dry and I can go swimming every day and Old Two Legs will be hunting 'Solder Beetles' with his camera and we get to chase more Bunnies?


We met up with Holly's Heart Throb, Big Bert! of course, she was straight up to him and started to play The Tart, as normal! You know she can be sooo embarrassing sometimes!

Holly Tarting Around!
Both May and April said they could sniff Weasels and that was a sign that they had started the Spring Ceremony of 'Hunt a Jill'!

April said that while it was interesting, if we didn't mind, she would stay in the Ferret Bag!

Back home The Missus called us into the kitchen and presented us with our food bowls full of Doggy Scoff!
Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk. Yuk, Yuk!

Holly and I headed off to our beds and spent a couple of hours grumbling that The Missus really hates us!

OTL cleared all the cages and he spotted Miss Wendy climbing up the Page 3 Girls cage and started to dance on top and calling them rude names!

Ya Boo Rat Chops!
Of course, she went into the 'Naughty Cage' just to teach her to behave!

After the cleaning OTL sat down to watch the recording of the F1 race which was full of  incidents and one almighty crash which was a bit scary but in the end there were no injuries, which is good news!

Now I did my normal trick of waiting until we got to the last ten laps when I started to 'Talk' to OTL saying that I really needed to go out for a wee!

That was it, he hit the 'Pause' button and took us all out!

We found a tennis ball on our way to the beach and Holly and I started to bury it in the sand, then we would dig it up again only to dig a deeper hole and bury it again!

This time the ferrets joined in the game and some were digging deeper holes!

Come on, Our Turn!
What we didn't tell them was that we had removed the ball!

Quick sit on the ball!
Mind you, that didn't stop Freddy and Wendy from having a great time digging a deep hole!

Who needs a ball? We got Claws!
Of course, after the hole digging I went in the water for a little paddle, much to OTL's disgust 'cos the water was all cloudy with mud and stuff that had come down the river!

I didn't care and even went in for a second and third paddle pretending the cold water had made my ears go deaf!

As we headed back to the car, Freddy decided he wanted a carry 'cos his legs were almost all worn away after all that digging!

Honest, my legs have seized up!
Not that we believed him at all 'cos he has played that trick too often!

Then he tried it again as we got near to the top of the hill and this time he said his tummy was sore as well from scraping along the ground!

That's it, I'm done for! I'm seizing up all over!
OTL gave him a little carry, but only as far as the top of the hill. Not because of his supposed injuries but just for his cheek!

Back home OTL was able to watch the last ten laps while I went off to finish my bowl of Scoff.

It was horrid but I was just a little hungry. Mind you, TM will not get any cuddles tonight from Holly or me!

That will teach her!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!