Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, it looks like Ratty is indeed 'Neophobic', we woke up this morning and the the trap was still wide open. No rat, mouse or even a Holly Dog inside! We are still keeping a close eye on it and as soon as the door is shut then we will be down there!

We left the ferrets snoozing in their bed 'cos it was looking like rain and Old Two Legs says that ferrets don't do rain.

Oh yeah? Well there's two little woofers here that subscribe to that theory as well!

OTL was in such a big rush to get us out that when he picked up the camera with the Infrared Thingy Wotsit so this is wot happened down on the Sea Wall!

First Holly and I checked out the sniffs and I found a sign that the rabbits were out again.

Rabbit Wee!
Rabbit Wee? Spring is coming!
 While Holly and I were 'Sniffin' the Sniffs' OTL started to take some pictures and when he looked at the preview screen he was heard to be grumbling 'cos he suddenly realised it was Infrared!

So, the clouds that looked interesting in colour were transformed!

Infrared Sea Scape!
 He even tried a shot of a Sea Gull wot was standing on the breakwater and later changed it to a Black & White picture!

Got and Sandwiches?
Holly was laughing when the Sea Gull asked her for some sandwiches, silly gull, as if Holly would have any sandwiches in her pocket!

A bit further along the Sea Wall we saw a 'Scruff bag' sort of woofer coming in our direction, so Holly and I ran up to her woofing our 'Hello' woof. She got all worried and ran off to her master who was chatting to OTL about the state of the tide.

Loud Woofers!
She was a little nervous 'cos we were two and she was only one! So we left her to say hello to OTL but even though we walked off she didn't want to get close to OTL, maybe 'cos OTL had our sniff on him!

Off we went again and discovered some more rabbit sniffs up near the Poo Bin but OTL was still playing with the camera.

Come on OTL, home for some breakfast!
 When we got back to the car, our legs and tummy's were all wet and muddy 'cos we had been running in and out of the puddles!

OTL gave us both a rub down with the towel when we got into the car. Just as a woofer went past the car.

So, close your eyes and picture this, OTL holding both of my back legs and trying to dry them while I'm woofin' my head off and straining to get out the side window!

Wot Fun!

 Back home to a chicken breakfast and followed by a snooze under OTL's desk!

The ferrets were awake and stuffing their faces with Ferret Nuggets and of course after that they also went to sleep!

Professional Snoozing!
Those ferrets are real 'Professional Snoozers'!

Lunchtime OTL still hadn't heard from the Tree Man and was thinking of chopping the tree down himself but after looking at it again decided to wait until everyone was back at work and do some more telephoning!

It was still horrid looking out side and OTL grabbed his camera, the right one this time, and off we went for another rampage around the Sea Wall!

Well, that was the idea but when we got out of the car it was dark and wet and HORRID!

We tried our 'Nose Down Tail Up' stance but OTL just clipped our leads on and guided us further along the path!

Then he tried to take a photo and you know what? That little 'Point & Shoot' camera kept on putting the flash head up 'cos it was too dark!

Look! My reflective strip lights up with the flash!
 Mind you, I reckon we could stitch this reflective stuff on our coats, just where our skeleton bones are and we could scare everyone into believing we are scary woofers!

Mine lights up as well!
 We plan to have our dinner at the normal time but this evening we will be staying up with TM and her bottle of champagne and OTL and his whisky to say Happy New Year to each other!

So, in case we don't see you before midnight goes 'Bong' all of us here wish all you Woofers out there a very big

Happy New Year!!!!!!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake, Mr Brambles