Monday, 27 October 2014

Busy Watching OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It has been a Busy Busy Day today, well, not for us woofers but Old Two Legs has been going around in circles again!

We set off this morning for our walk. The sun was up and it was quite warm. Holly and I got a sniff of some rabbits and we were off!

I See Them! I See Them!
 I was in front doing my 'War Cry' and Holly was steaming up behind me woofing like crazy!

Then the rabbits disappeared down the hole and we never saw them again!

Miss Snowflake was getting in trouble, again, and very nearly came to a wet end!

Oh Gawd! Not Again!
It was a good job Old Two Legs was there to rescue her!

On the way back Holly and I went off in search of rabbits again and I sort of got carried away. OTL and the ferrets headed for the car and Holly chased after them leaving me behind not knowing they had all gone.

OTL and the ferrets were getting close to the car when Holly thought it would be a good idea if I was appraised of the situation. So, she turned around, ran back and woofed at me to get my tail in gear or I'll be walking home!

It was a good job she did 'cos just as we came running around the corner, there was OTL heading back for the 'Final Warning'!

We got home and OTL was sitting down working out what he needs for the flooring in the bathroom. You see, the 'Emergency Plumber' sent by the insurance company, two days after being notified that we had the Niagara Falls pouring through our ceiling. I wonder when he would have arrived if we said it was just a drip!

Anyway, the plumber ripped up the flooring OTL had put down before and made a bit of a mess of the bathroom floor!

So, with calculator in hand and Wickes Web Page on the laptop, he was working out square metres of stuff.

We left him to it!

Then he left us at home and headed off to town to buy the stuff he had put into the square metres, or something like that!

He was crying again, so that means he has had to dip into his wallet, again!


To help him get over it, we took him out for a walk on the beach. The tide was in so I found a stick, threw it at him and then jumped up and down woofing for him to throw the stick!

Throw It! Throw It! Throw That Blooming Stick, NOW!
He did and I had a great time swimming back and forth with the stick in my mouth!

There comes a time when we have to get back in the car and that means I have to dry off a bit. It's a two stage drying process, first of all I have to wring myself out!

Wringing Daisy Out!
Stage two is back in the car, OTL gets the towel out and gives me a good rub down to get even more water off and finally I cuddle up in the towel and OTL puts the heated seat on for me!

By the time we get home I'm almost dry!

Back home OTL has been measuring and sawing and cutting and mumbling to himself, so we keep out of the way!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.