Thursday, 31 January 2013

Snowflakes getting better and Holly's on the Run!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

First of all, Snowflake says 'Thanks' to everyone who sent 'Get Well Soon' cards!

She woke up late this morning and overnight had two poo's and another one after her breakfast!

These ferrets are champions at this poo production, shovel loads of it!

She wanted to get out and have her normal run around the office, exploring all the holes and stuff Old Two Legs has under the work surfaces but OTL made her stay in Snowy Heights.

She wasn't too happy about that, so as OTL put her back onto her bed, she turned around and nipped his finger!

You've got to admire her spirit!

OTL has to give her some medicine twice a day, so what crafty OTL does is to put it in the top of her Ferretone bottle cap together with a couple of drops of Ferretone and it only takes five licks and it's all gone!

Snowflake taking her medicine!
OTL has to do a lot better than that to get me to take any medicine and that includes those horrid Worming Tablets!  

We went out this morning and instead of rain there was sunshine! Now that makes a change from snow and windy rain!

We got to The Sea Wall just as High Tide happened and we saw the Surge that happens at high tide. It wasn't very big but you can imagine what it would be like on a stormy day with the wind blowing the wave onto shore, 'Serious Surfing' as Holly would say!

Tidal Surge on The River Medway
OTL and I were playing 'Chase The Ball' and as normal he tried to throw it down the Sea Wall and as normal, it ended up on the beach, but this time I thought I was going to catch it before it went over the edge.

I Missed!

Dog Overboard!
I really shouldn't try to do this ball chasing lark, it really is for Bozo Labradors and Staffy's like this one!

Another Bozo and her Ball!
Holly has been getting into trouble again. She is the one that starts off all the woofing in the house and of course, she is the one that The Missus goes after with the WMD!

Holly was sitting by the front window looking at the world going past when she took exception to a Two Legs that walked past our house. Well, what can a Guard Dog do but to issue the 'Warning Woof, with Attitude'!

That started TM off as well, telling Holly to be quiet, which she didn't, so out comes the WMD and TM marches down the lounge towards Holly.

Holly has been thinking about this and has a 'Cunning Plan'

As soon as TM gets near enough to squirt the water cannon at her, Holly jumps up and runs behind the sofa, sticks her head out of the other end and woofs again!

TM rushes down the whole length of the sofa to get Holly but by now Holly has turned around and legged it back to the window, done a couple more of the 'Warning Woofs, with Attitude' then charges off up stairs to hide in her 'Day Bed' in OTL's office!

Sneaky Holly or wot!

In the office we were in the Day Bed giggling about TM and the WMD when Snowflake stuck her head out from under OTL's fleece and asked 'What does a Girl have to do to get some sleep!

We said 'Sorry' and had a snooze until it was time to go out again!

Snoozing with the sniff of OTL all around her!
Down on the beach Holly was enjoying herself, digging in the seashells at the High Tide mark and she even called out that she was a Beach Babe! I said she looks like a Beached Whale, but I don't think she heard me 'cos she didn't say anything!

A Beach Baby Whale?

We carried on our walk and met up with another of those Bozo ball chasers and as he was on a lead, so, I decided to tease him, by pretending we had a ball in my mouth!

Luk Ir Go' a Bawl here!
Then OTL told us off for teasing him and he woofed at us, the Labrador, not OTL!

Back home Snowflake was awake and moving about, so we asked OTL to take a picture of Snowflakes scar. Well, TM took the picture and OTL held Snowflake!

This is for Auntie Zoe who is into scars, operations and stuff like that!
 It all looks like it is healing well and although it is sore and a little bruised, Snowflake says she is feeling better all the time!

So that's it for today, Snowflake has got some more medicine to take before going back to bed again and we are off for a cuddle with OTL while we watch TV.

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snowflake gets a Sore Tummy &The Missus gets WMD!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

You will excuse Snowflake today but she is a bit groggy and sore from her operation today and has buried herself in OTL's fleece which she loves curling up in!

As Old Two Legs says 'She's had her Bits Sorted'!

She is sleeping at the moment and we are creeping around trying not to make any noise!

Now, we have a serious problem and need some help.

As you know, we are 'Attack Guard Dogs' and we take our job very seriously. Any small, unexpected noise gets attended to and if we feel that some sort of response is required, we provide the response in the appropriate manner!

Now, sometimes that could be a growl or maybe a small woof and even a Loud Woof. There are times when we judge the response requires it to be a Full Blown, Screaming Howling, Snarling & Woofing  type of warning to everyone who can hear us, TM, OTL The Lady next door and the man who lives down the other end of our street!

As experts in guarding we are left alone to decide on the suitable response, normally.

Last night we judged a 'Situation' was developing and did our normal woofing, The Missus shouted at us to stop, we did stop, that was until it started again, so we Woofed again, loudly.

This time we heard TM advancing from behind and expecting her to join in the Woofing we went back to looking for what we were Woofing at.

Then it hit us, WHOOSH! A nasty, unexpected, cold, damp, wet, squirt of water, right up our tails!

Hey! Wot? Yikes! Retreat, Scarper!

There she was with a WMD............Weapon of Mass Drenching!

Holly was shocked into silence, I legged it up the stairs to OTL!

We thought it may have been an isolated occurrence but today when we were woofing at someone walking past our house, WHOOSH! There it was again, another nasty, unexpected, cold, damp, wet, squirt of water, right up our tails!

TM is getting too accurate with that WMD!

What do we do? How do we get that away from her? Is she trying to take over our Guarding Duties or is it she just wants to play with the re used Shower Cleaner Spray Bottle?


It was just about three forty five that the vet telephoned through saying that Snowflake has had her operation and was in 'Recovery' and doing well!

OTL can pick her up any time after four and he has to get instructions on caring for her 'cos she is bound to be sore!

As you can imagine, we were all happy with the good news and couldn't wait to have her back home.

She was a bit 'Hyper' as OTL calls it, at the vet, she was glad to get out, jus' like me, and after getting her back home OTL gave her the medicine to help her sore tummy.

Then she dug a hole in the folds of OTL's  fleece.

He has folded it up and put it in the bottom of the top floor of Snowy Heights,  and now she is snoozing.

Well she needs the rest and she says she is glad to be back home with us all! 

So, that is it for today, OTL has been working, TM has been attacking us, and Snowflake is out of it all together!

Sorry about the lack of photos today but it has been all sort of hectic!

See you tomorrow and Snowflake has promised to show us her scar and OTL may even photograph it!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Busy, Busy!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you after a busy day today!

We woke up late this morning, Holly was fast asleep, even after Old Two Legs got out of bed!

I don't know why she was so tired, she spent last night sleeping on the chair with OTL, then she bagged the best spot for and 'After Wake Up Snooze'!

Snoozing as an Art Form!
 And, after all that, she said that she really didn't feel like going for a walk first thing 'cos she didn't have any energy!

OTL insisted, so she struggled out of the duvet and just managed to get downstairs before OTL sent The Missus up to sort her out!

Down on The Sea Wall we watched a ship go by, heading for the docks. On the side was writing saying that it was Sea Cargo. Now don't get me wrong, but what else  could it have been? I mean, you wouldn't put 'Train Cargo' on the side of a ship would you?
What about Road Cargo going by Sea?
 Holly was telling a story about meeting up with a big fox when she was a small puppy and being a bit scared 'cos it was about five feet tall and it had a big mouth full of very sharp teeth!

Just as she got to the part about the teeth, there was a rustling in the grass and we both stopped and at the same time said 'Wossat?'

I was still a bit nervous even after we saw a pigeon fly up from the grass and I kept looking back to see if anything was following us!

Well, you can't be too careful!
We met up with Sally, we had met her a couple of times before but have never stopped for a chat. This time she was looking out to sea and staring very hard at the water. We thought there was some thing wrong and asked if we could help. 'Well young ladies', she said, 'I lost my ball here last year and I'm looking to see if it is floating on the water'

Holly and I said we couldn't see it and hurried off. We only just made it around the corner before we both burst out laughing!

I lost it over there!
As we got closer to the car, we spotted this very old dog having a sniff. She was a bit shaky on her legs so we didn't rush over to her. Another reason was that she had a big yellow balloon tied to her collar. OTL asked her owner if it was her birthday but they said that she was deaf and it was a good way of keeping track of her. They also said that she was twenty one years old, which in doggy years is very very old!

Lady, twenty one years old!

Back home and next OTL was off doing the rounds with his customers and he didn't get back until late.

Snowflake was telling us some stories about hunting rabbits, 'cos she knows we like chasing them.

She told us how she would sneak through the undergrowth and make sure she was 'Down Wind' of the rabbits.

You creep slowly through the undergrowth!
Then, as you get closer, you get right down onto your tummy and move forward by dragging your body along the ground with just your claws.

It is only when you are less than a couple of feet away from the rabbit, you jump up, run over and sink your teeth into the rabbits bottom!

Jus' Like This!
Snowflake says that the rabbits think it great fun 'cos they think they are so good and spotting anyone creeping up on them, especially clumsy dogs like us!

We thought that was a great tale and then Snowflake told us about this morning when OTL let her out of Snowy Heights. First thing in the morning, OTL clears out Snowy Heights and gets rid of the poo an stuff. While he's doing that Snowflake has a run around the office exploring any new places she can find and then she tries to get OTL to have a game with her.

The way a ferret invites you to play is to do a 'War Dance' then rush up and nip you. Well. it works with other ferrets but OTL's skin is a bit softer than a ferrets and he always ends up with loosing some more blood.

At least now he can make out the difference between a playful nip and an annoyed nippy sort of bite.

A playful nip only leaves two puncture holes but a bite leaves four!

Snowflake in the middle of a 'War Dance'!

OTL says that he would prefer Snowflake uses her tongue rather than her teeth but as Snowflake points out, 'I just get Carried Away'!

Come On, Have a Game!

Another game that Snowflake loves is finding places to crawl into and wriggle along until she falls out the other end. A bit like a rabbit hole or a rats nest!

Now, OTL's trousers seem to fit that description and a few times she has got as far as his shin before deciding that her claws won't dig into flesh like they can on socks, so she backs out!

OTL, being a sneaky Two Legs, has found the perfect protection against this attack by Snowflake!

Curses! Foiled Again by OTL!
See you tomorrow and claws crossed for Snowflake and lets hope her tummy is not too sore!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (How do I get down the top of his trousers?)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Snowflake has been shifting furniture, again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

This Snowflake is really making herself felt around this household. We started off helping her arrange all her furniture, get the Poo Trays in the correct corners, make sure the water bowls were in the right place, arrange her feeding stations just to her liking and then what?

She moves them all about, on her own and in the middle of the night!

Last night we could hear her crashing about as she shifted the Poo Tray, then she went downstairs and rolled her 'Tinkly Ball' about so it was in another corner, but, instead of just rolling it, what did she do? She kicked it so it bounced off the walls and Poo Tray and Feeding Bowl before it landed in the other corner!

Then she has the cheek to say she has had a hard night and can we keep the barking down a bit?

Well, that was the final straw, I walked off in a huff and when we went down on the beach I took it out on the patch of sand by digging a big hole and pretending it was Snowflakes new home!

If she comes down here I'll.............!
 We came across a fisherman who had caught nothing, so Holly asked if Ferret was a good bait!

Would you do any better with a noisy ferret?
The Fisherman said we were naughty puppy's for even suggesting it and he might just try dog before ferret!

 Back home Snowflake said that she was sorry about the noise but she was rather concerned 'cos she heard Old Two Legs booking her into the vets for Wednesday to be 'Done' and what was this 'Done' thing!

'Ooo' Holly and I said at the same time, you are going to have a sore tummy for a while! We had it done and Holly was OK but I was not a Happy Puppy for a week or two!

So we sat with her for a while and told her it was for the best 'cos it meant we could have fun instead of worrying about all that parent stuff!

Lunch time we asked if Snowflake was coming out again but she said it was too cold, wet and windy, so she would stay in her bed thank you very much!

Down on the beach we were playing 'Chase The Ball' and a couple of times it rolled onto the beach, so I let Holly go and get it 'cos it's the only time she gets to grab the ball!

Come on then, Throw it Up!
 Of course, she didn't and instead, gave it to OTL to throw again!

What's a Ferret and does it taste good?

We met up with a couple of the lads and had a chase around. I was telling them about Snowflake and her furniture arranging and being 'Done' on Wednesday. Wow! says Jasper, 'What does she taste like?'

Holly said that he wouldn't like it and anyway, we're not allowed a nibble 'cos she is 'Family'!

OTL has put some of those Ferret Tubes into Snowy Heights so Snowflake can have a game of Ferreting About.

She has gone up to her 'Day Bed' again but not stayed there, she only went up to have a look at what was going on!

From the top of Snowy Heights she can see the Blue Tit nesting box in the garden and had told us that a bird is going in and out of the box all day!

Holly says it's too early for nesting and Snowflake says the hole is too small for her to get in to have a look, so she will just have to look from the outside!

OTL is busy on the other computer doing something important so I'll go downstairs and see if I can get a carrot from The Missus!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Can I have a sofa in the corner?)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Snowflake in verse?

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Now I know that in some places on this internet thingy wossit, Snowflake has gained some sort of notoriety, I mean, pages of Facebook stuff all talking about her but I mean, she is only a ferret that has fallen on her paws!

Now I am told, she has an 'Ode' dedicated to her! A Ferret Ode! You can read it in it's entirety on Sams Blog :-

An absolutely super little ditty on the trials and tribulations of 'Ferret Finding'

Holly says that Snowflake could do with some 'eau de ferret toilette'!

I think she has a 'Warm Musky Sniff' about her myself, Snowflake that is, not Holly!

Being Sunday, we all had an extra hour in bed, except The Missus who was up at the crack of dawn to get a card or two put together before breakfast!

We went for our walk along The Sea Wall but on the way there the Heavens opened up and the rain just poured down. We thought that it was going to be a very short walk and a wet one but when we got there it had dried up!

Here comes the sun!
 Holly said that she was not sure it would stay dry and kept looking towards the horizon!

I'm not too sure about that rain!
Old Two Legs said that the clouds were going away from us but Holly was not convinced 'cos as she says, 'She doesn't Do Rain and Wet Stuff!'  

There goes the Rain!
I thought that it would be fun to chase after the ball and instead of rushing into the grass as normal, this time I tried to bury it the sandy patch on the beach, just to wind up OTL!

I bet he won't find this one!
What I didn't count of was Holly saying to OTL, 'It's on The Beach!' She can be a real Sneak sometimes!

A bit further on she was getting worried 'cos she could see another shower over on the Isle of Sheppy, but OTL said that one would miss us, and it did, just!

Look, there's another one!
 Back home we got served 'Doggy Scoff' but Snowflake got a big bowl of Raw Chicken, just as she likes it!

Lunch time the sun was shining again but there were still some showers on the wind, well Holly said she could sniff the rain on the wind!

I had a brilliant idea and while OTL was fetching the ball off the beach I told him of my idea!

Hey! Let's take Snowflake out for a run!
We got Holly over and told her about my idea and she said it was about time Snowflake got some fresh air!

Back home OTL got Snowflake dressed up in her harness and we called The Missus to get her camera and take some photo's of us all!

Snowflake was a little worried 'cos she hadn't been to the football ground before but we said it was where we went as puppies!

So, before long, Snowflakes carry cage was put on the ground and the door opened up. Slowly, very slowly, Snowflake came out of the cage and said, 'It's Big out here!'

Wow! It's Huge Out Here!
 Holly and I got let off out leads and went for a chase while Snowflake took a look around. She was a bit nervous 'cos there was so much space! She said it looked like you could get lost before ever reaching a fence or bush!
Does it go on forever?
 Holly came back and said we should all go for a run around the field but Snowflake whispered in her ear that she was a little scared and wanted to stay close to her cage, just in case.

I'll stay here if that's OK and I've got the squeaky toy as well!
 Holly said she understood and said she would keep a watch out for other doggies and Pussy Cats!
Thanks Holly!
 We had some fun with Snowflake running around the carry cage and shiffin the grass. Snowflake said it was a bit soggy under her paws and this green stuff tickled her tummy!

It was then that Holly forgot that Snowflake wasn't a dog and had a quick sniff.

 It made Snowflake jump and she ran back to OTL and said that Holly was sniffin her tail!

OTL! Holly just sniffed my tail!
 With that she dived back to her cage and dragged her blankets back in with her, just so she could feel safe!

I feel safe with my blanket!
 Holly said she was sorry but it's a sign of friendship really!

It was then that OTL put Snowflake on top of her cage and she had a look around the field.

I can't even see the edges of the field!
It wasn't long before the battery ran out in TM's camera and she didn't have a spare one with her! So, back home we go and Snowflake had a slurp of Ferretone, just as a celebration of her first trip to the field.

We will go back again and then she will get more used to the open space! So watch out for more outings for Snowflake!

Who knows, maybe Sam will make another poem about it all!

If you go down to the field today,
your in for a big surprise,
If you go down to the field today,
you won't believe your eyes,

You know, summat like that!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunshine & Flowers, and it's only January!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

We were all up late this morning. Last night Holly felt the need to go out for a wee a couple of times. The first was about three and the second was four thirty! Old Two Legs got the job of letting her out both times as The Missus just 'Helped' him out of bed with her elbow!

So, around nine this morning we all woke up, except TM who was downstairs doing something with her cards!

OTL got an email from Peter C, another ferret owner who suggested putting the hammock up on the top ceiling of Snowy Heights.

OTL and Snowflake discussed it and then up it went. At first Snowflake was a little unsure but with the enticement of a spot of Ferretone to lick off the cap, Snowflake was up there like a shot!

OK, send up some more Ferretone please!
 She has decided to call it her 'Day Bed' just like us!

 Holly and I went off for our walk along The Sea Wall, Holly dived off into the grass and declared that she could sniff rabbits and wouldn't it be a good idea to bring Snowflake down for a 'Ferret About' to get the rabbits running out of their burrows so we can play 'Chase' with them!

I sniff rabbits and I have an 'Idea'!
 I said we should have a chat with OTL about that and of course, Snowflake!

 It was super along the beach, the sun was out and there was hardly any wind and on top of all that, it was warm!

Almost Spring!
 We were having fun chasing the ball and as normal, OTL had trouble throwing it straight and as normal, it ran down the beach and went 'Plop!' Straight into the sea!

Well, what could I do? In I went, up to my tummy and fetched it out! My first dip in the sea this year!

This makes your Bits cold!
 Back home for a brush and some Lambs Heart, then a snooze until lunch time!

 When we got back, Snowflake was still in her 'Day Bed' but woke up as soon as we got back, mainly because Holly was barking so much!

This bed ain't half bad you know!
 Lunch time we were out again but OTL stopped at the local church and took some pictures of the church, mainly because there were daffodils starting to bloom, in January!

Now this global warming, everyone else gets snow, ice and cold winds. What we got is warm balmy breezes, sun shine and blooming flowers!

All Saints Church, Allhallows.
Down on the beach we played 'Chase the Ball' again and Holly even played a joke on OTL, she pretended she was going to kick the ball down the steps, so OTL stayed on the beach while Holly kept calling out, 'On your head OTL!'

Ready? On yer 'ead OTL!
Finally OTL got the ball but he was still on the beach. We called for him to throw the ball and he said that if we wanted it, we should 'Come and get it'!

I tried, I woofed at him, then he showed me the ball and I even tried to grab it with my paws!

OTL says 'Wannit?'
Finally he threw it and we got to chase it again down the Sea Wall!

We were having a sniff when above us we heard 'Hi Girlies!' It was Barney bounding down the hill, we hadn't seen him for a while, 'Too Cold' was his excuse, 'Had a wee and a Poo in the garden then back inside to the fire!

Hi Girlies, Remember Me?
Back home and this time it was Snowflakes turn to go out. She was dressed up in her harness and OTL had re engineered the lead Holly brought with her when she came to live with us. Then she went out into the garden for a run around. It was a bit scary 'cos she has spent some time inside all comfortable and suddenly seeing the outside world again got her a bit worried! OTL stayed with her but she was very nervous, so OTL opened the kitchen door so she could go back in doors. Trouble was, Holly and I were standing on the carpet inside the door and we came nose to nose. Snowflake was as surprised as us and thought we were monsters going to eat her, so she nipped me on the side of my nose, which made me jump back with a yelp!

All was well, OTL picked her up and soon she was back in the office having a calming slurp of Ferretone!

So now she has had another run around in the office and retired to bed for a snooze before OTL wakes her up to be introduced to Stuart, who is visiting tonight.

So, that is today's fun and games, OTL says the next thing we will have to do is find a big field for Snowflake to have a run around without getting into trouble!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Snoozing)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Snowflakes Little Place in the country!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake here!

What a day! What Fun! What about a tour of Snowy Heights?

Well, we went out late this morning 'cos Old Two Legs had to do a visit early and The Missus couldn't take us out until the Tesco's Man had been!

There we were with all our legs crossed waiting, when OTL came back early!

What a super OTL he is, off we went down to The Sea Wall as fast as the car would go!

We spotted some Brent Geese and  a couple of juvenile Shellduck's that were unsure where they should be!

Do we belong here with you?
We had a super game of 'Chase The Ball' which I won of course, 'cos Holly is just not fast enough and on top of that, she's not really interested in balls!

Mine! Mine! MINE!
We were chasing it at one time when it went over the edge of the Sea Wall and neither of us wanted to go and get it! In the end it was OTL who had to get it!

Well, if you want, YOU go and get it!
When OTL walked up the stairs from the beach I was there to tell him to hurry up and throw the ball again!

Come ON, THROW the Ball!!
It was just as well that OTL went down to get it 'cos the sea was so smooth I might have just had a paddle, just to test the water!
Back home, Snowflake said that she had a request from Jane for more pictures of Snowy Heights and how she had arranged the furniture! So, this afternoon was spent playing about with the camera, with Snowflake directing OTL on what she wanted to show and then she went and started to pose in the Adventure Playground OTL has started building for her!

I can see we will have trouble with her!

So, over to Snowflake for a guided tour of Snowy Heights!

Hello everyone, it's me, Snowflake, and here is Snowy Heights, a desirable residence on two main floors with raised levels to give easy access to the floor above and the drinking fountain.

Lets start with the ground floor. As you can see, there is a downstairs loo in case you get caught short after a run around the office floor chasing the 'Squeaky Toys' I have 'Borrowed' from those two darling little doggies!

As well as the loo, I have a feeding station clipped onto the wall just to the right of the entrance, you can just see it in the picture. As well as the feeding station, there is a china bowl full of drinking water there as well. 

There are two staircases leading to two corner levels that give access to the hole that leads to the second level.

Ground Floor with access to living quarters.
The second level has a loo in the corner plus a feeding station with a water bowl as well. In the back corner there is a raised level to give access to my water bottle, a bit of an excess of water points but as it came with the house OTL has installed it.

Underneath the raised level is my bed. It is a SUPER SNOOZING BED that is warm and comfortable and I can snuggle right down the bottom and under the cushion that is in there. Sometimes I am under it and other times, on top of it, just depends on how I feel darlings!

I forgot, there is a climbing rope there as well but I've not bothered to try it out yet as I can climb up the walls using my claws, it's a Ferret Speciality Trick, you see, we are very good at climbing, especially up OTL's trouser leg! I don't get very far but it doesn't half make him jump!

Dining on the balcony!
Here you can see me having a snack on the balcony which doubles as a door for OTL to allow me out for a run and for him to empty the Poo Pot in the mornings!

The shot below shows the full Snowy Heights in all it's glory!  

Snowy Heights!
To show you just  how good I am, this is me having climbed up the outside of  Snowy Heights right up to the roof! Am I clever or what!     

Do you fancy a tune on the banjo?
As well as Snowy Heights, OTL is in the process of Ferret Proofing the office and building an Adventure Playground for me. So far it is absolutely super. I can run all the way from one end of the office to the other behind all the stuff on the floor. It is amazing the tunnels I can make out of picture frames, tripods and camera bags, especially camera bags, they can turn into sleeping holes if I get a little tired!.

There is this Hole!
Then there is this climbing frame, sorry, tripod!

Easy, Easy, EASY!
 This one below is my 'Den' that I store all the Squeaky Toys after I have pinched them from the Dogs!

Come here and let me bite you!
Then of course, there is the dogs beds, you never know what they have buried under the cushions but I can 'Ferret Out' anything!
It's good for scratching your belly as well!
Finally, here is me having just arrived back at 'The Den' after getting into a very large bag of shredded paper that OTL had taken out of the shredding machine, it went everywhere!

Am I in Trouble?
I hope you enjoyed the tour, so back to Daisy!

Well, what else is there to say?

See you tomorrow and watch out for the Snow Fairy, she is supposed to be back tonight!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Property Owner)