Friday, 30 November 2012

Frosty or Wot!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

This morning we went out with Old Two Legs for our normal walk but before we had gone out the door, he had put our coats on! Now that means only two things, Rain or Snow!

Well it was a sort of snow, OTL called it frost but it was still wet and cold!

Down on The Sea Wall the sun had already got to most of the frost and melted it away but there were patches for OTL to photograph still!

First Frosty Patch

We carried on sniffin the sniffs and I even had a go at catching those mouses that run around in the grass, without any success, they are just too fast and sneaky!

Sniffin the Sniffs!
OTL was still playing with the frosty bits!

Another Frosty Bit!
On our way back home we spotted an old Heron standing in the middle of a field, in front of the Power Station.

I've Lost Me Puddle, It's GONE!
He was looking around and mumbling away good and proper.

Seems he has lost his puddle!

With all the rain a big puddle appeared in the middle of the field and loads of frogs and toads and stuff like that were swimming around in it and he was having a great time picking them out, like eating a bowl full of nibbles!

Now the puddle has gone and he seemed right put out about it!

Holly called him a Grumpy Old Heron but he just said Hurummmpf, flapped his wings and took off!

Back home to Lambs Heart and Biscuits and a snooze!

OTL got a phone call to tell him that his cameras were all 'Spic and Span' and were ready for collection, so, lunch time came and we were off to collect them and have a walk!

After we had collected them we had a sniff and decided that the closest  park would be The New Park, so off we went, singing our 'Car Songs'!

Well, this time when we got there OTL showed me a ball he had brought along, a brand new shiny orange rubber ball that bounced all over the place!

Holly and I were chasing it and most of the time I got to it first but OTL, being a sneaky Two Legs, pretended to throw it, I would chase off down the path and he would throw it just in front of Holly so she had a chance of getting it before me!

As normal, there were loads of other dogs in the park and we chased a few, well two, and got chased by some others, about ten!

It was all good fun except OTL said that I couldn't go near the Swimming Hole 'cos it was too cold!

I kept on jumping up at him to show that I wanted him to throw the ball.

Holly, who doesn't do balls, kept her eyes open for other dogs who wanted to play 'Chase The Ball' as well, like big hairy Labrador's who are just total Bozo's for a ball and a Two Legs to throw it!
Watch it! There's a Bozo heading this way!
 OTL has got wise to the 'Retriever' type of dog, 'cos they are the ones more likely to pinch our ball, so he keeps it in his pocket when they are around!

Back home and OTL has got meat pie and chips for dinner, correction, OTL and us have got meat pie and chips tonight, except we don't get any chips!

Tomorrow is the weekend, so OTL plans to clear the leaves out of the gutters and sweep up the rest in the garden, providing it doesn't rain or snow or he gets called out or it's too cold or he can find a reasonable excuse not to do it!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly