Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Grey, Misty and Snowflake throws a Strop!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back to see you again!

This morning we looked out the window and saw there was no frost! Great! Instead it was misty sort of rain, Not So Good!

The rain wasn't heavy, Great! So we didn't need our coats on, Great!

Out we went with Old Two Legs and off to The Sea Wall, making sure OTL had our ball in his pocket!

For the last three days, OTL has been using a camera he bought some time ago and now only keeps it for his 'Gnat Shots' or anything that small.

Dead Mozzy!
He much prefers his big camera. However, the big camera has been loaded up with stuff to photograph Snowflake with different lenses, so hence the use of the older camera.

Now this camera is not as good in low light so today he tried using the built in flash with some interesting results!

Stuff the Flash, Where's The Ball!
 It made everything look like it was at night!

We didn't mind that so much, as long as he threw the ball for us. This time he was being crafty and did the 'Trick' of looking like he was doing a big throw but only tossing it a little bit in front of Holly. That also means Holly started to get interested in the ball!

I know that 'cos once she got her teeth around the ball she wouldn't give it back!

I Got The Ball, You Can't Catch Me!
Then she really hit the big one, she stood on the side of The Sea Wall, held the ball over the edge and said to OTL......
I want Daisy's breakfast or the ball goes!
Of course, OTL wasn't impressed 'cos he answered her by saying 'Give me the ball or no breakfast until tomorrow!'

OTL - 1    Holly - 0

A bit further on we spotted a Whelk Shell on the path and after we had a sniff, we decided that Mr or Mrs Corvid must have enjoyed a good breakfast!

Empty Whelk!
 When we got home, we found that Snowflake was not a 'Happy Ferret', she had decided that she didn't get a long enough run around the office this morning. So, as soon as OTL sat down she started rattling her door!

She made such a noise that OTL thought she would turn Snowy Heights over on it's side! You can see that she was in a paddy 'cos her eyes are almost yellow!

I want out........NOW!
 Well, OTL turned the light out and went out of the office for a while until she settled down and when he went back, she was sitting by the door like a good girl!

OTL then let her out and she had a great time chasing around hiding her squeaky toys and beating up the stuffed mouse on a rope.

Then OTL got all crafty again and picked up the squeaky bone and put it on his lap, gave it a squeeze,  and watched Snowflake come flying out from her hiding place and had a sniff!

OK, Where is IT!
Then OTL gives it a small squeeze and quick as a flash, Snowflake shot up OTL's leg and found the toy on OTL's lap!

Here it is!

She grabbed it and wriggled back down his legs and shot off to hide it behind our day beds.

Now Snowflake is a bit crafty herself and she knows that OTL is just as crafty, so, thinking he may have pinched some of her other toys, she shot back up his leg to 'Question' him!

OK, I'm going to ask this only once, Where's My Toys?

That Ferret can be very persuasive sometimes!

Lunch time it was back down to The Sea Wall and the tide was in, so that means the beach is mostly covered with water!

When we played 'Chase The Ball' we had to be careful it didn't roll onto the beach 'cos it may get washed away on the tide.

Well, that was OK all the time I got to the ball first, but when Holly got the ball 'cos OTL cheated when he threw it, Holly got the pickle in her and said........

Come on, lets throw it on the beach!
 We met up with a doggy we sometimes meet and she told us that this is the first time she had been out for two days, it seems that her owner wasn't feeling too well so she had to wander around in the garden instead of charging through the grass, so she was making up for yesterday and today as well!

I just love getting out for a run!
Back home for a snooze and The Missus says that she wants to video OTL with Snowflake!

Right, she can do that without us thank you very much!

Maybe tomorrow when the lights better, well that's what we said!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake